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Big Data ditches its training wheels, what IT success looks like in 2014, more


If you’ve not yet checked out the January edition of Discover Performance, you’re missing out on some great interviews. Discover Performance caught up with several HP leaders to get their insights on: IT’s changing roles and responsibilities; how IT Ops can communicate better with LOBs; the evolution of Big Data; and why CISOs must evangelize security to the business. Once you’ve whetted your appetite with the conversation nuggets collected here, check out the full stories in the links that follow.


Bandrowczak.jpgIT’s changing responsibilities bring new metrics for success

“We used to run IT shops by getting measured in operational efficiencies. Then it was how well we could roll off projects. Then it was on our business acumen. Then it was how much we were driving value. Now, can you actually create value? Can you actually create new paradigm shifts, new business models, new competitive offerings? The CIO role is absolutely in the driver’s seat of doing that in the future at most companies, especially as the digital and business analytics becomes more and more a part of a strategic weapon.”

— Steve Bandrowczak, HP Senior Vice President of Global Business Service and Business Process Outsourcing

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Ng.jpgIT Ops must sharpen its communications skills

“IT doesn’t know all the right questions to ask. Ops and apps, traditionally, haven’t had these conversations with the LOB owner. So business relationship management and business analysts are becoming more important. We saw this in the late ’80s and the early ’90s—a waterfall approach to service lifecycle, where you’d have a business relationship manager designing what they want and coming up with a huge list of requirements. Then the Agile method came into play, and that became the responsibility of the application lifecycle developer. Now we’re seeing it shift back: the service owner is someone in the LOB. They may not have the language to talk to the technology team, so we’re seeing a gap in interpreting business mission and goals to IT service delivery as we bring all the right players together to design that end-to-end service lifecycle expectation.”

Louise Ng, HP Software Professional Services Worldwide CTO for Cloud Hybrid Delivery

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Mahony.jpgBig Data analytics outgrows ‘greenfields’ stage

“I think 2014 is the year that massive shifts take place around Big Data... There have been a few early adopters, but now it’s shifting to the mainstream. People are looking not only at new applications of Big Data, but they want to replace their antiquated mainframe and other high-priced systems with next-generation information management architectures. They have information that’s been locked up for 30 years in expensive mainframes, and now they can start sharing that information. CIOs are realizing that beyond the hype of Big Data, there are incredible opportunities to improve and extend.”

Colin Mahony, HP Vertica Vice President and General Manager

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Gilliland.jpgSecurity leaders: Stop speaking in tongues

“Security people need to talk like business people. Talking about policy control frameworks is like speaking in tongues. If I show up and talk about the impact on a business process and how and why the bad guy competes against us, we can now have a more rational conversation. We need to talk in business terms, versus flogging them with policy frameworks.”

Art Gilliland, HP Enterprise Security Vice President and General Manager

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