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Big Data’s “brain”, fuelled by DevOps DNA, creates the Power to ACT Now


I’ve arrived home again for the holidays from what is always the most hectic month in my calendar. After closing a great fiscal year for HP Software in EMEA, I convened our Sales Kick Off, then dashed headlong into our most inspiring HP Discover ever. Despite being a little dazed by meeting and learning from over 30 customers and partners in a single week, I felt I had to share my thoughts.


After last year’s Discover, I wrote about my optimism and anticipation following customer reaction to the first deliverables in a new wave of HP innovation. This year, that wave became a tsunami. Customer reaction was simply amazing. The Software Zone at Discover was jammed, accounting for 39% of all visits. I would like to thank those customers who patiently waited for a demonstration.


What triggered the tsunami? It’s the shockwave of amplifying Big Data’s potential. Customers have this year shifted from “What’s the potential of Big Data?” to “How can my environment leverage Big Data for competitive advantage?” Blazing fast analytics and Haven’s ability to correlate structured, machine and human information in one Big Data platform answers this “How?” question. HP customers are acting now on Big Data on three levels: -


  1. Using Haven OnDemand’s game-changing analytics to provide developers with over 50 programmable interfaces to build their own advanced analytics applications.

  2. Transforming the value of their IT Management Solutions by supercharging them with Haven analytics. What started with Service Anywhere, Service Manager Smart Analytics and Operations Analytics is rapidly permeating across both our Applications and IT Operations portfolio.

  3. Optimizing the ’IT Value Chain’ with DevOps as its DNA.

Looking a little deeper into the last point. I see automated continuous delivery of IT as one of the most fundamental characteristics of the “The New Style of IT”.


Big Data analytics have evolved IT’s ‘brain and senses‘ to a new level, but we need the central nervous system and motor functions to develop at the same pace. Only then can we make the leap to the New Style of IT where IT continuously delivers and converts those Big Data insights into action. Let me illustrate with three connected solution use cases from over 50 we showed at Discover.


Imagine you’ve just launched your new Mobile app. You’re rightly proud of its new personalized functionality provided by exploiting analytics. But do you really understand how the application is being used? Are customers actually engaging with the new functionality and how is their user experience? Our solution, AppPulse Mobile, gives app owners deep insight into usage characteristics, clickthrough patterns and app performance to carry out A/B testing and only build what users want. For more, check out Christoph Pfister’s demo, 18 minutes into this YouTube video from Discover.


Of course, if you are not entirely happy with the performance of certain features of your mobile app, you may want IT to map the complete IT infrastructure your mobile app calls upon. No problem with the latest top down Application Service Discovery. All you need is the URL of your app. Very quickly, this allows you to agree the improvements and send the necessary information to your remote Dev teams by simply reporting a defect or a Request for Change via HP Agile Manager.


Now the new version of your mobile app is ready for release. Using the Software Defined Infrastructure of HP Codar to automate provisioning guides your new app release through the testing, staging and production phases. By the way, we know just how good Codar is because it’s what we used to implement the release of Service Anywhere. I hope you agree that’s powerful – but it is just one example of how automation is being used by HP to accelerate a very specific part of the IT Value Chain.


So whilst Big Data is indeed changing everything, to exploit its full potential requires a fully integrated ‘IT Value Chain’. These are topics I will return to, as well as the exciting vendor-neutral IT4IT forum which HP and others are collaborating on as a way to drive up standards, reduce IT complexity and save costs. For now, I hope I’ve demonstrated how ‘Connected Intelligence’ gives HP customers the ‘Power to Act Now’.


The tsunami is building in power. It’s going to be an interesting ride. Happy holidays everyone and looking forward to our customers driving yet more innovation in 2015!

About the Author


Rafael Brugnini (Rafa) joined HP in 1996 and has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry. He lives in Madrid with family, and in his spare time he enjoys windsurfing.

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