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Can big data tell you why your web site is down? With HP HAVEn it can


16C.Heather-Tendo Communications SF-STOLL 2012.jpgI just sat in on a webcast this morning given by Meg Whitman and the heads of various HP business units talking about HP HAVEn, the HP big data platform. (The replay is available, and it’s worth a watch). At Discover Performance we talk all the time about how you need to get visibility into your data so you can see how you’re performing, where you’re not and how to improve. There’s actually a big data component to this goal—because IT is generating tons of data all the time, but generally you don’t have the information that would help you make a decision in time to benefit the business. That’s changed (and check out the V and E parts of my HAVEn dissection below to learn how).


How HAVEn gets 100% of your data

HAVEn is a big idea, so it takes a little explaining, but basically it’s a platform to cover all of your enterprise data—structured, unstructured, semi-structured. The rather clunky acronym represents each piece of the platform.


H: Support for Hadoop, because scalable, distributed Hadoop clusters are—among other things—making big data economically feasible.


A: Autonomy IDOL, which derives meaning from “human” or unstructured data. Here is a classic example I’ve now heard a couple times about what Autonomy IDOL can do: How would you search employee emails for evidence of insider trading? You wouldn’t get very far with traditional tools that rely on keywords and meta data. (After all, anyone dumb enough to type “insider trading” in their email about insider trading has probably already set off some alarm bells.) But Autonomy can filter and flag meaning, both in text and video to get at things that warrant a closer look.


V: Vertica is the flipside of Autonomy: It covers machine data. So here is the really compelling story for IT operations. With Vertica, you crunch so much at such speed that you essentially have the ability to “TiVo” through the state of your IT operations. Go in on Monday morning and your heat maps are blazing. You can flip back in time moment by moment to when they were green, and then drill down to figure out precisely what change sent all the dominoes falling. HP Operations Analytics is the key offering here.


E: Enterprise security. Again, this is powered through Vertica’s crunching. Now you’ve got big-data power to analyze the state of your enterprise’s security.


N: And then finally n for apps to the nth. HAVEn is open and extensible, so an ecosystem of partners and developers makes it possible to look at your data through various lenses, whether vertical (say, for health care or financial services) or horizontal (for example sentiment monitoring or video surveillance). There are already 700 connectors into the platform. There will be more to come.


For more information, visit or learn more about what it means to bridge IT and business data.

About the Author


I have been a writer/editor in the technology field for several years.

Paul at Matco

This is great for Financial company that holds such high credential and abides to CFA Institute standards from all level of professional conduct and ethics to protect it's practice from any unlawful act.


Thanks Paul, appreciate your comment!

Tony Hoang

Nice article, thanks for sharing.

luyen thi toeic

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