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DevOps: What do culture and trust have to do with IT and business?


I’d like to tell you about a really special episode of Discover Performance Weekly, which is a weekly video series that I produce on behalf of Discover Performance. We were privileged to sit down with authors and DevOps experts, Gene Kim and Jez Humble.  On the show the two discuss, with our host Paul Muller, VP of Strategic Marketing for HP Software, how trust and culture change the way IT and the business operate.  The basis of the discussion revolves around a recent article on Discover Performance, "DevOps for the real world."


Gene and Jez recently completed a study to understand the factors which signify high-performing IT groups and businesses as a whole.


In this episode, Paul, Gene and Jez discuss topics like:


- What is the relationship between trust and high-performance IT (1:25)

- How to measure IT Performance (2:40)

- Is DevOps driving trust or is trust driving DevOps? (5:55)

- What is required to drive a continuous delivery organization? (7:50)

- Can large organizations use DevOps? (10:10)

- IT performance impacts organization performance (11:05)

- How to benchmark your IT organization and business (12:25)  


The conversation is fascinating as you think through the balance of culture and trust among teams. At the end of the episode, they each leave us with a tip of the week (14:10):

-  Gene: DevOps Enterprise Summit

- Jez: FlowCon

- Paul: Dan Pink Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us


Feel free to let us know what you thought of this episode.  For more videos, find us at


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