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“Digital or Dead” : IDC/HPE webinar July 12th

“By the end of 2016, two thirds of CEOs of the Top 500 EMEA enterprises will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy” - Thomas Meyer, Vice President, IDC Europe.
“ We intend to be the leaders for digital transformation of the automotive industry” - Harald Kruger, CEO, BMW.
“I have this fear of waking up one morning having been ‘uberized’ - companies from completely different businesses can take away your regular business model overnight” - Maurice Levy, CEO, Publicis.
In this webinar, Thomas Meyer, Vice President of IDC Europe and Mike Shaw, head of Digital Disruption research at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will make sense of the coming wave of digitization. 
They will lay out a maturity model for digital transformation. They will discuss the different ways in which you can use digitization, and how you might start on your digitization journey.
They will then talk about the technologies involved. Digitization requires the adoption of a “new product lifecycle”. Two year, mega-projects are out. Small, monthly steps, minimum viable products, continuous delivery, and experimentation are in. Thomas and Mike will present a model for a “digital transformation factory” - a foundation that will allow you to industrialize your continuous digitization steps. 
Digitization is also changing how we view our ecosystems and partnering. We can’t do it all ourselves, especially if we want to move as quickly as our competitors surely will. What kind of partnerships will we now need?
Has your industry already been digitally transformed, or is your industry entering into digital transformation? Or, do you want to be ahead of the curve before digital transformation hits your industry?  If so, sign up to this webinar and get a better handle on what’s happening and more importantly, what you need to do about it.
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Mike Shaw
Director Strategic Marketing

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Mike has been with HPE for 30 years. Half of that time was in research and development, mainly as an architect. The other 15 years has been spent in product management, product marketing, and now, strategic marketing. .

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