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Digital transformation at HPE Discover London 2016 – from strategy to practice


Digital transformation is now high on the agenda of many CEOs and CIOs. It is also the major theme of HPE Discover. However, with so many sessions and demos on offer, what should you focus on? Where should you spend your time? Where will you learn the most? This will depend of course on what digital transformation means to you, the role you play in your organization and the priorities you have.

So rather than just list a whole bunch of session, I am going to – in this blog – try to provide a guide. This guide will take you from the 30,000ft view all the way to the trenches, from strategy to practice, from the HPE view to real customer stories, so you can apply it to your own situation and needs and get the most value out of HPE Discover.

Getting your strategy on the right track

Digital transformation can mean many things, but one thing is clear: it is all about generating business value for your customers. The IT4IT Transformation Workshop will describe to you how you can take a value driven, customer centric approach to drive faster time to results and obtain more value from your enterprise solution portfolio. It is a slide free discussion with thought provoking ideas, taking you from strategy to quick wins and leading practices. We can then show you what implementing IT4IT can look like for your organization.

Focusing where you need it the most

One of the things we cover in the IT4IT Transformation Workshop are the 3 roles IT needs to assume in order to evolve into a modern, agile, innovative organization: the service provider, the service developer and the service broker. We map these roles to 3 major market trends respectively: cloud, DevOps and service broker. Each one of these is a domain unto itself, with its own challenges and value propositions. If you are wondering how you could develop an actionable transformation roadmap to drive business outcomes you should visit the Transform to Cloud, Enterprise DevOps and Transform to a hybrid infrastructure workshops.

Enough talk, can I see it?

Unlike some events where you can only hear a lot about these topics, we – at HPE Software Services – believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. So we put together what we call a Model Office: a fully functional environment, with pre-built integrations across HPE Software portfolio, showcasing key, common, real-life use cases where you can see Hybrid Cloud Management, DevOps, Mobile and Service Broker in action, all aligned to the IT4IT architecture. We can show you what the end state looks like and bring it to life right before your eyes.

Where have you done this before?

We get asked this quite a lot. Attending HPE Discover is as much about learning from your peers, and we have some great experiences us and our customers can share with you. You can hear about how SKF used IT4IT to transform and how ENEL used it for portfolio management and governance. You can hear what some of our customers have learned from their DevOps journey and how you could manage the performance of multiple suppliers with our service broker solution. Undoubtedly, you are trying to automate as much as possible. We can share with you recommended practices on your journey to excellence in automation, and how we can deliver them to you with Automation as a service.

Using this guide you can experience what your transformation journey might look like with the transformation experience workshops, see it in action with our Model Offices and hear how other customers made it real.

We look forward to seeing you in London at Discover 2016, 29 November – 1 December.

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