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Don’t assume that, once in the cloud, your data is “someone else’s problem”


At a personal level, it is terrifying for me to imagine what would happen to all of the data -- documents, spreadsheets, and photos -- that I store on various cloud services if those services ceased to exist. Most people don’t have a plan or process for what they would do if, say, Google decided to sunset Google Drive. On an even greater scale, with so many companies eagerly moving their apps and services to the cloud, what is their plan if the cloud service that they rely on becomes acquired or goes belly-up?


I was invited to write a guest post on Ben Kepe’s blog. I describe some situations that are becoming more and more common where companies are simply disappearing or being acquired and no longer offering their previously widely-used cloud services.


Read “Death of a cloud provider – 5 practical ways to avoid becoming a SaaS refugee” for five tips on how to prepare yourself and your company for an emergency cloud evacuation.

Paul Muller has a wealth of experience working with CIOs and VPs of IT improve IT performance and business alignment.
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Paul Muller leads the global IT management evangelist team within the Software business at HP. In this role, Muller heads the team responsible for fostering HP’s participation in the IT management community, contributing to and communicating best-practice in helping IT perform better.

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