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Don’t waste a good IT crisis!


Telecom.jpgThis year, when a major European telecom provider’s Internet Services Group was presented with a double whammy, the company used the setback to ultimately drive better service and customer satisfaction while lowering IT expenditure. The challenges? While their business customers demanded more agility (reducing their time to market) and improved service quality, corporate leadership significantly wacked their FY13 IT budget. IT leadership clearly knew the status quo would not continue to work. However, in the spirit of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, they decided not to let “a serious crisis to go to waste.”  The provider decided that they needed to increase operational efficiency in order to operate with significantly fewer resources—the true “do-more-with-less” strategy.


Having dealt with a slow Internet connection from my provider from time to time, I can understand firsthand the difficulties this provider faced. Their response, however, involved a creative use of technology. First, they decided to automate management of their service performance; second, they decided to virtualize much of their IT environment so they could simultaneously gain better control of service delivery and achieve greater business agility. The latter step allowed IT to respond more quickly to changing business needs in terms of application usage as well as changing business requirements in terms of new strategic demand.


The company did not stop there. IT and business executives wanted to see how well the responsible organizations were performing in delivering the expected business outcomes. Was greater IT agility really delivered? Was the management of IT and business services proving more effective? And most importantly, were input costs really taken out?

Putting this all together, the telecom provider decided to use HP Service Virtualization to manage their virtualization efforts and HP Service Health Reporter to enable them to actively manage improvement in service delivery. And running on top of all this, HP Executive Scorecard showed month-over-month continual improvement was taking place. The scorecard also provided the ability to proactively manage  IT performance and improvement and ensure delivery of real cost reduction.


Amazingly, the provider was able to get everything working in just three months. With quick success on this front, the provider is expanding the footprint of HP offerings and taking advantage of Executive Scorecard’s ability to do pan-IT measurement. Next, they will add the ArcSight offering to get control of vulnerabilities and business risks.


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About the Author


Mr. Suer is a senior manager for IT Performance Management. Prior to this role, Mr. Suer headed IT Performance Management Analytics Product Management including IT Financial Management and Executive Scorecard.


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