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Experience the future of DevOps at HPE Discover London



By Tina Sturgis


More and more, organizations are turning to DevOps as the way to achieve fast, high-quality application development while at the same time increasing business value and reducing risk. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Services, we’re focused on helping customers with their DevOps transformations. We’ve got some exciting and thought-provoking sessions at Discover London that will show you how we are helping customers succeed in their DevOps journeys.


Tracking DevOps metrics

Most organizations implement DevOps because they have a specific business need, such as improving time to market or better aligning IT with business strategy. But one of the biggest challenges they encounter is measuring their success. There haven’t been any standard metrics to tell you whether your DevOps efforts are working—until now. HPE Software Services is unveiling their initial six key DevOps metrics and will show you how you can track them through the HPE IT Business Analytics dashboard. These specific KPIs give you insight into how well your DevOps initiatives are performing, and they arm you with data about the impact you’re making on the business.


To see DevOps metrics in action, check out DevOps: continuous assessment (Demo 1643) in the Transformation Zone.


Integrating security with DevOps

Security monitoring used to be saved for production, but DevOps emphasizes a holistic approach that takes security into account from the beginning. When you shift-left security, defects and issues are easier—and less costly—to fix. At Discover, we’ll be sharing model-office demos that show how security integration is built into HPE Software products, and how that approach can protect your brand and revenue.


See the new way to integrate security into DevOps at DevOps: continuous integration (Demo 1642) in the Transformation Zone.


Choosing your path to DevOps

HPE gives customers a choice in how they go about DevOps transformation—through managed, on-premise, or hosted solutions. Be sure to see our DevOps demo to experience different use cases for DevOps. We’ll be showcasing model-office demos with a prebuilt, fully integrated DevOps solution. So you can see how DevOps would work for your situation and environment. We have use cases for continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous deployment, security, and mobility.


Learn more at these DevOps demos in the Transformation Zone:


DevOps Transformation workshops

If you’re looking for some focused time with an expert, our transformation workshops are a great way to jump-start your DevOps journey. Sign up for a DevOps transformation workshop and get concrete, practical insight into how to address your current challenges, what your journey might look like, and how you can achieve ROI and better business outcomes. Experts will address how you can increase velocity while simultaneously improving quality and reducing risk. Use the online sign-up form and reserve your spot—these fill up fast.


More DevOps inspiration


See you in London!


With nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise software sales and marketing, Tina Sturgis leads the marketing efforts around HP Software Professional Services DevOps, including social media. She has extensive experience in DevOps, project and portfolio management, application lifecycle management, and Agile development. 


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