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Fight counterfeiting and protect brand integrity—learn more at HP Discover Las Vegas





By Joshua Buckley


Joshua leads solutions marketing strategy for global HP Software Professional Services including cloud, Big Data, DevOps, security, and IT management solutions.


By marrying the power of HP Haven Big Data analytics with some of the groundbreaking work in our imaging labs, the HP Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) is helping companies fight counterfeiting and combat fraud. And, in an extension to our existing GPAS offering that we’re going to unveil at HP Discover Las Vegas, we’re now able to monitor what consumers are saying about a product online.


Protecting your good name

GPAS generates cryptographically secure codes that can be printed on individual labels, packaging, documents, etc. GPAS stores these codes and associates them with a workflow. When these numbers are read in the field, GPAS updates its data record for this particular code, and provides the relevant response to the user. So, for example, if a certain shipment is supposed to be in one place but it actually arrives somewhere else, then it’s apparent that there’s some sort of problem. Consumers can also verify via QR code or text message that they have in fact received an authentic version of what they ordered.


Social sentiment analysis can help a company spot previously unknown problems. Let’s say you don’t have complete visibility into your extended supply chain—or outright fakes are manufactured completely outside your ecosystem. If you start seeing unusually low ratings in a particular region you can see if that area overlaps with hot spots for counterfeiting. This helps you build a bigger profile for how your product is perceived in the marketplace, and gives you more information for your brand protection and brand integrity efforts.


The social sentiment service is able to pull data from Twitter and Facebook, and perform sentiment analysis by using HP IDOL and then pushing the results into HP Vertica.  When it comes to product reviews, the services also allows you to analyze product review information from 12,000 different websites. This includes Amazon, Best Buy, Staples—and a legion of more specialized review sites.


Sentiment analysis does more than stop counterfeiting

Social sentiment analysis is also useful for companies who don’t face the threat of counterfeiting but want to perform analytics for new product development or marketing strategies. The sentiment analysis engine doesn’t just alert you to irregularities, but determines whether people are excited, disappointed, or neutral about your offerings. The IDOL social sentiment engine relies on both linguistic analysis and a statistical, pattern-based approach to derive sentiment.


This linguistic analysis makes old-fashioned keyword searches look downright primitive. The tool can capture mixed feelings (for example, "great product in flimsy packaging") and distinguish between the vocal minority of extreme reactions and what the average consumer is saying. And because of dynamic, real time classification, the service can alert your team to public relations emergencies before they spiral out of control.


A bigger picture

We’re also excited about our work with a large group of manufacturers where we anonymize data about individual products to uncover larger trends: adoption and compliance rates, the location of counterfeiting and fraud hot spots, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Visual analytics include those by geo-location, brand, product type, and product lot, and are used to get a more in-depth understanding of the aggregate data.


Part of the power of GPAS is that it incorporates data security analytics, including cryptographic-level randomness validation, code anti-replication, fast look up, clustering, and classification. Because of these algorithms, GPAS is a flexible, powerful took that can be extended to other analytics tasks. Bottom line, GPAS can help you gain total visibility into your supply chain, your products, and perhaps most importantly, your customers.


Join us at HP Discover Las Vegas to see how HP’s Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) improves product innovation and safety with real time data analysis and forensics (Session ID: DF1296).



JoshuaBuckley.pngAs the solutions marketing and strategy director for HP Professional Services, Joshua develops offering and portfolio strategy for Big Data, IT Management, DevOps, Security and Cloud software solutions. He is @JoshatHP on Twitter.










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