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HP Discover 2013: How IT leaders can see around corners


Before you finalize your New Year’s resolutions, check out these great future-looking videos captured earlier this month at HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona. They investigate what’s next for the enterprise as a whole, and the CIO in particular. The takeaways can help you see what to focus on in the coming months—and years—as an IT leader.


The future of: looking into the future based on facts we know today (3:29) – Paul Muller, Mike Shaw


What if you could see around corners and plan ahead before changes in the IT landscape impact you?


That’s the impetus for this conversation between HP Strategic Marketing VP Paul Muller and Director Mike Shaw, who discuss the Enterprise 2020 initiative. Using research from HP Labs, original surveys and customer feedback from HP Transformation Workshops, Enterprise 2020 synthesizes the collected data into a holistic picture of tomorrow’s enterprise.


Check out the video to learn how mobile apps will rely on Big Data to provide a more personalized worker experience, as well as why Shaw envisages a day when IT will move from behind the service desk and go work in business teams.



The Future of the CIO (8:04) - Paul Muller


In this interview with journalist Daisy McAndrew, Paul Muller says he expects the amount of enterprise data will increase 30 to 80 percent by 2020. While that’s a staggering increase, Muller says the important question it raises is, “How do you tap that, how do you get value out of that and not just [let it] become digital landfill?”


Muller also explains that smart marketers, product managers and CEOs realize that apps—or “the digital expression” as he puts it—of an enterprise are what matter most, and the rate of new app releases will increase. Apps currently refresh an average of four times per year, he says, but that number will swell to 120 new iterations annually by 2020.


Check out the video to learn why Muller feels that “every business will eventually be defined by the software they create, and how they manipulate data using that software”—as well as insight on:

  • Changing demographics and the ‘graying’ of users
  • Globalization of the IT talent pool
  • Shifting growth in developed economies
  • Emerging markets and growing middle class over the next two decades


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