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HP Service Integration and Management has the answer for “supplier sprawl”


siam.jpgDoes this sound like a familiar scenario? Your IT dept provides a service to the business, but that service might actually be composed of networking services from Verizon, infrastructure services from HP and application services from SAP. When something goes wrong, where is the problem located? Who’s responsible? And how can you be sure these services all play nicely with each other, not to mention with your security and compliance policies?


This multi-sourced world of IT services presents a growing problem for IT. And cloud only exacerbates it. (According to at least one analyst report, business groups are adopting cloud faster than IT groups are.) The result is “supplier sprawl,” and it presents huge challenges to IT in terms of governance, security, reliability and more. That’s why today HP announced HP Service Integration and Management (SIAM for short), which offers enterprises  and the lines of business service assurance for  multisourced IT services.



An opportunity for IT to reassert itself

“The business drivers for seeking services externally are increasing,” says Ulrike Halmer, author with Susan O’Connor, of the white paper HP Service Integration and Management. “But how does IT integrate these external services with existing services delivered by IT? And what if IT didn’t even source these services to begin with?”


Supplier sprawl makes IT’s job more complex and can reflect eroding corporate confidence in IT. But IT is still seen to be responsible at the end of the day to make sure the business has the services it needs. By integrating and managing multi-sourced IT services, IT adds value to the business. It’s an opportunity for IT to reassert itself–to start acting as the organization’s service broker


But if IT is going to evolve to become a service broker, then it’s essential that IT have visibility and control of the services and providers across the entire IT service environment. SIAM helps IT organizations establish governance and an operating model to improve IT performance, simplify management and meet compliance requirements. It does this by creating a service integration layer that makes it possible to have a big-picture view and real-time visibility into the state of IT services in the organization. In combination with several products from the HP IT Performance Suite, HP SIAM helps clients establish a standard IT architecture and integration model for all services. This helps IT expedite the on-boarding of future suppliers and release of new services at reduced cost and complexity.



Transformational change

SIAM draws on HP Software Professional Services expertise in working with clients to transform their IT organizations. For most IT departments, the transition to integrating and managing multi-sourced services means changing their operating model and changing the way that people work.


SIAM makes use of HP Software Professional Services SIAM capability model for establishing governance and new supplier management processes, as well as HP Software Professional Services management of organizational change (MOC) practices to establish appropriate stakeholder engagement, education and training .HP Software Professional Services for SIAM provides analysis, road mapping and implementation phasing to be able to meet clients’ varying pressures and goals.



6 questions to get started

To get a handle on the extent of supplier sprawl in your organization, start by establishing ownership for service integration and management. For each major IT service provided for your businesses, who owns:


  • The procurement process for IT services?
  • The budget for that IT service?
  • The final decision on service level agreements?
  • Sign off on external supplier contracts?
  • Onboarding and integrating new IT services?
  • Researching new IT services?


For more on SIAM, visit


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About the Author


I have been a writer/editor in the technology field for several years.


Good post, Heather.  This is why I believe Cloud Computing is experiencing aftershocks in the world of IT Outsourcing as I outline in my post here:




Thanks so much for your comment. And thanks for sharing that link. I think your post on the cloud computing aftershocks for IT outsourcing really shines a light on this problem - glad I got a chance to read it!



Roger Shakeshaft

Th elink to your HP Service Integration and Management whitepaper does not work.


Thanks so much for noticing that, Roger. I believe that white paper has been updated and the link changed. There are many more resources about service integration and management at the SIAM solution page: or



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