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Happy 25th Anniversary HP Application Software Quality Business


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One of the most significant (and exciting) consequences of the “New Style of IT” for vendors, IT departments and for business alike, is the challenge that past performance is no guarantee of future success. That’s not to say that history teaches us nothing nor that experience or best practise is suddenly less relevant. In my mind, quite the opposite.


The real key is leveraging that depth of experience and knowledge and applying it to address the dynamics of the New Style of IT. Nowhere is this more apparent than with HP Software’s Applications business, where the Mercury branch of this business, founded in 1989, celebrates its 25th anniversary.


Here the most powerful disruptive forces currently shaping the “New Style of IT” are:


1.       Agile/agility (accelerating the velocity of application delivery, with the number of application release cycles expected to explode by a factor of 30 by 2020)

2.       Mobile/mobility (delivering high quality, multi-channel applications with applications targeting mobile platforms already out-pacing desktop development by 4-to-1)

3.       Cloud or as-a-Service delivery extending application access to a global audience


The 1st  entails driving velocity whilst maintaining exceptionally quality standards. To drive quality at speed we need to enable the support of multiple methodologies and provide real time visibility into the status of quality and completion of our projects.

The 2nd mandates a fully integrated approach to the delivery to mobile applications which avoids duplicate tooling and processes and delivers a true “multi-channel” customer experience

The 3rd calls for applications that deliver a consistently high quality of service irrespective of delivery platform and in the face of highly unpredictable workloads


Responding to the opportunities provided by Cloud and the Mobile web, it’s clear from the customers I talk to that they see a dilemma: should velocity come first or should they trade off the pace of delivery to assure quality. Where is the balance? This is exactly where the ALM12 release comes in with the focus on Velocity and Quality.  Leveraging those 25 years of experience, highlights include:


  • Friction Free and Fast - Automatically run tests in a Continuous Integration (CI) process, such as Agile nightly builds, and enhance HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) to automatically handle UI and API tests for web and Mobile applications with a single tool.
  • Mobile first – seamlessly integrated with  your existing tools and processes. No re-tooling or re-skilling. Extend manual test with HP Sprinter for mobile testing on many devices simultaneously, even if you are offline, on a factory floor, or in the field, with the new ALM offline client you can keep executing your QA checks
  • Ease of use – A Pure Web UI which makes authoring and managing user requirements intuitive
  • Ensuring End User Experience is maximised from the project outset with Performance Testing from the Cloud – no need to own very expensive infrastructure to stress test your application. Load your apps with thousands of virtual users directly from the cloud leveraging the new Loadrunner/PC cloud burst features

These new capabilities have resulted in one of our early adopters, recognizing the need for a dramatic step change in their quality processes, reporting that they are able to double the project throughput with only 20% of staff increase and execute 24x 7 performance testing increasing test scenario coverage 6 fold. Click here to see more customer reaction to the ALM 12 release.


Back in 1989 the emerging disputer driving the last major transformation in application delivery was the internet.  Web applications running in a browser were rapidly displacing traditional client/server and terminal-based applications. Testing that new generation of web-based applications to assure functionality and performance became a mainstream requirement, and drove the Mercury application testing business through a period of exceptional growth. Since then, the ‘mobiles’ of 1989 have transformed from bricks into a hugely functional range of smartphones and tablets, and along with the Cloud are driving another platform transformation.


Like most 25 year olds, over the same period  HP’s application solutions have grown up to become more mature, flexible and more relevant than ever, giving customers the ultimate freedom  to adapt their delivery platform and consumption models to the evolving requirements of the New Style of IT.  As we embed this huge wealth of best practice directly into the product we’re able to further accelerate customers in their journey to a “New Style of Applications”.  


To learn more about  how we can help you deliver your next generation of applications, I encourage you to check out this  short video on how we can help deliver applications at the speed of business and with impeccable quality and performance. Alternatively, please register to join us at one of our Special Interest Groups or contact us for your personal invitation to our Application Delivery Management Customer Forum.


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Rafael Brugnini (Rafa) joined HP in 1996 and has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry. He lives in Madrid with family, and in his spare time he enjoys windsurfing.

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