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Healthcare’s big data checkup



Ken Perez, senior vice president of marketing and director of healthcare policy for MedeAnalytics Inc., recently shared on Discover Performance how the healthcare industry serves as a prime example of the challenges and opportunities that big data and analytics present to information-heavy fields. MedeAnalytics provides big data mastery in one of the most information-heavy fields, healthcare, and Perez will be speaking on the subject at the HP Vertica Big Data Conference in Boston, Aug. 5–7, detailing MedeAnalytics’ pioneering work with big data analytics.


Economic “carrots and sticks” lead to higher quality care

Complexities of our healthcare systems and the so-called “Obamacare” reforms  mean that the industry will place greater value on “applying performance metrics and economic carrots and sticks to reward improved quality and/or reduced cost,” Perez notes. This pressure and the complexities of regulatory and privacy issues make healthcare a bellwether of big data analytics.


Along with the promise of improved analytics, Perez explains that big data faces big hurdles in the heavily regulated healthcare industry. Making big data analytics work with such siloed information and such complex regulatory and privacy concerns is a challenge, but the hunger to improve customer service, manage costs and generally get an edge on the competition makes healthcare a preeminent industry to watch big data analytics in action. As clinically integrated networks, accountable care organizations, and population health management grow, big data will grow exponentially.


Big data for a big challenge

Perez explains that both healthcare providers and payers have fueled a mounting need for aggregating and analyzing data from multiple, disparate sources from; thus, the field of healthcare analytics has emerged as a major growth area. Perez says that IT leaders must prepare for the onslaught of “the three Vs of data—volume, velocity, and variety,” and they must learn how to leverage big data for competitive advantage. If healthcare is any guide, he suggests, the big data intelligence imperative “is not just for the CIO: it will apply—admittedly to varying degrees—to every functional area of an enterprise, so it’s a prescription for CxO career advancement.”


Learn more by reading Healthcare learns the value of a big data IQ. Register for the HP Vertica Big Data Conference in Boston, Aug. 5–7, to hear Ken Perez discuss big data challenges from the front lines.

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