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How CIOs can become change agents and deal with rapid rate of change


Independent blogger, videographer and tech expert Jake Ludington recently sat down with HPSW Chief Evangelist Paul Muller to discuss exactly that and how both see the role of IT changing and what we can expect to see in the future. 


Traditionally IT’s role was to provide the infrastructure or the plumbing that is the foundation for business operations. But that role is going away (or to a less senior manager within IT) as the CIO moves into a more strategic role, using technology to help speed business innovation. As the CIO moves to a producer role, he or she becomes more of a change agent who delivers the innovations that move a company forward. The CIO becomes, Paul says, more like an orchestra conductor and less of just another member of the ensemble.


Do IT leaders need to move from plumbers to producers?

In the video, the two also discuss the role of DevOps as key way to help IT move faster. The idea of enterprise resiliency and how it can help organizations avoid outages and “bullet proof” their infrastructure is also a topic. And Jake and Paul converse about the pressure CIOs are under to accelerate innovation, to extract value from information, to simplify service consumption and to help companies deal with the rapid rate of change.


Watch the video and then comment below on whether or not you agree that the CIO’s role is changing dramatically. Do you agree that IT leaders need to move from plumbers to producers?





For more videos like this, visit Backstage with HP Software.


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