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How IT can become relevant to the enterprise?


Move from systems of record to systems of engagement.


For some, mobility may have been the province of young people doing Facebook, Twitter, Mapping, and even Words with Friends. However, as Gen Yers enter the workforce in increasing numbers and as us Gen Xers and Baby Boomers have finally gotten hip, the place to engage has moved from the PC to a mobile app. The app-centric world of mobility is changing technology. It’s changed our experience on the consumer side: My wife is playing with one of her smart phone apps before bed each night. And it’s having a profound effect in the enterprise as well. The place to engage information workers has moved from the PC to a mobile app. These apps, in contrast, to the green screen applications of the past are all about the total user experience. In the words of HP’s Stephen Dewitt, senior vice president of Enterprise Marketing, today’s apps are fun, intuitive, and anywhere, anytime. 


This presents a challenge for you the CIO because you have barely managed to survive the great recession and the austerity that came along with it and you now have to respond to a seismic change in how your users want to interface with you and the services you manage or provide. Geoffrey Moore the author of “Crossing the Chasm” and “Dealing with Darwin” among other works has an answer.


In a webcast featuring Geoffrey, he shared his thoughts about the applications we need for this new style of IT. He suggests that we need to move from “systems of record” to “systems of engagement.” And while this may already be happening in your customer interfaces like mobile banking, the next great frontier is really business to business. Let’s face it, 90% of the value you are going to extract from the systems of record has already take place. But the systems of engagement are in their infancy. Today, Geoffrey suggests CIOs need to take investment out of systems of records and put it into the system of engagement.


He continues by saying that IT organizations need to re-engineer how users consume the applications and services that IT provides. And this starts by designing for the human experience of IT. This is clearly about moving from the existing state to future state. It is about coming up with a “digital representation” of the enterprise internally and externally. Geoffrey says this is fundamentally about changing the user experience—we moving the experience from the database to the app. It is amazing to think when I started at Peregrine one of our marquee applications was presented to me not as user experience but really a database. Geoffrey has this right when he says this is about user-centric design.

To be effective here, Geoffrey says we need to start by looking for the moments of engagement—creating an expense report, finding a convenient conference room, etc.—and how the app can drive value and transform people’s engagement with the business and its services.


What is missing? We are missing a way to turn enterprise resources into digital resources. Enterprises need to support bring your own device (BYOD), but be able to securely enable information workers to engage with the enterprise. This in effect creates a new style of IT. What is missing is a way to build and manage compelling and secure apps. To give millennial and other workers what they want their way. According to Genefa Murphy (HP Software’s director of Mobile Product Management, Analytics and User Experience) we need beautiful apps that truly engage information workers and enable them as well to do their jobs better. These apps need to act and engage the user in the same way as consumer mobile apps do but add a secure container where there are policies, roles, and responsibilities. They need finally to be able to be build in an accelerated form just like “Words with Friends.” I do not know about you but I marvel at how easy it is to get updates on my Apple iPhone. Building faster means developers need to see what they create as they create it. This lessen not only quality testing but at the same time, ensures the code is build right, the first time.

So I have one more question for you: Do you want to see how easy it is to build, secure mobile apps? Please click here and your team can start today building mobile apps today.


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