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How IT must transform to meet the challenge of today’s software-defined enterprise



Gone are the days when IT was a supporting infrastructure, managed separately from the actual work of the business. More and more, customers make travel arrangements through a browser; manage finances with mobile apps; shop for books, music, electronic devices and insurance, primarily online. Today, IT has moved to the core of what an enterprise does, making every business into a software business. Customer experience and product development are no longer just supported by software, software is now the face—and often the heart—of your business.


VP and chief evangelist of HP Software Paul Muller asks, “When was the last time you walked into a bank to complete a transaction? Is it still a bank, or is it a software company that happens to trade finance?” Muller explains that every enterprise will ultimately be a software enterprise: “Regardless of the industry you’re in, your company will be disrupted and ultimately transformed by software, and the sooner you act on it, the greater the opportunity to be the disrupter, versus the disrupted.”


The SlideShare presentation, “The Software-defined Enterprise - Rediscovering the role of software in the enterprise,” examines the challenges and opportunities of this shift. Muller, along with industry leaders Jeff Immelt of GE and Damon Edwards of DTO Solutions, explore how IT can embrace the software-defined enterprise, the benefits of transformation, and action items for the CIO.


View the presentation now.


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