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How Vodafone Ireland transformed its IT operations—and saved € 1.2 million


Vodafone Infographic.pngIt’s been just over a year since HP introduced the IT Performance Suite, and already we’re starting to hear great results from customers like Vodafone Ireland. As Ireland’s leading mobile communications operator, Vodafone must provide competitive service to its subscribers—over 2 million of them. In June, HP published a case study on Vodafone Ireland that has some interesting takeaways from the telecom company’s IT performance journey.


Like so many IT departments, Vodafone’s had increasingly grown reactive, fragmented and inefficient, making it near-impossible to align IT services with business operations. Vodafone had focused more on simply managing IT than on improving the customer experience. The result was siloed IT management that lacked proper governance.


Vodafone needed visibility into the state of its IT operations so that it could start measuring and improving performance. To solve its IT management problems, Vodafone Ireland turned to HP Business Service Management (BSM), part of the HP IT Performance Suite, to replace multiple point solutions. It used the KPI-based scorecard system in BSM to track its current IT performance and see where it needed to improve.


You can check out Vodafone’s success in this infographic (which is also available for download that end of this post). Since implementing BSM to improve IT performance Vodafone Ireland has:


  • Improved success rate of identifying the root cause of major incidents from 40 percent to 90 percent
  • Reduced the average time customers are impacted by incidents by 66 percent
  • Reduced number of major incidents by 28 percent
  • Reduced major incident service restoration times by 75 percent
  • Reduced cumulative monthly service downtime by 77 percent
  • “Poor” ratings decreased by 75 percent
  • “Good” or “excellent” ratings up by 65 percent

Perhaps most notably, after just one year and a € 409,000 investment, Vodafone Ireland achieved a 300 percent return on investment, saving € 1.2 million.


Find out more about HP IT Performance Suite and how aligning IT with business operations can deliver business value. Read more about Vodafone Ireland’s transformation with HP.

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