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How do you make DevOps a reality?


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By Vikul Gupta, Worldwide Engineering Manager for DevOps, Cloud, and Application Delivery Management for HP Software Professional Services


Market forces are driving enterprises to DevOps. Aligning App Dev with Ops enables companies to quickly deploy application updates, and gain a competitive edge, increase end-user satisfaction, and help drive new revenue. Being able to release application updates in a matter of days—as opposed to weeks or months—is particularly important on mobile platforms. But how do you achieve that?

The answer lies in an open reference architecture framework that enables you to integrate tools across multiple platforms and keep track of the many changes involved in generating complex applications. (This is also the subject of my Journey to DevOps session at HP Discover Barcelona.) Such a framework can particularly benefit:

•    Companies with cloud initiatives
•    Companies that lack automation in application deployment, infrastructure deployment, or application release
•    Companies that are struggling to integrate multiple tools, on the Apps side or the Ops side


Unify siloed tools across App Dev teams
At HP Software Professional Services, we’ve learned that many organizations have difficulty implementing DevOps. They lack an end-to-end solution that will give them visibility into the entire application delivery cycle and enable App Dev and Ops to collaborate with QA as a team.

In App Dev, siloed tools present a key hurdle. Enterprise applications involve multiple development teams, each of which wants to use its own tool, whether it’s proprietary or open source. To coordinate application releases across each of these teams, you need a reference architecture to plug these tools into, enabling developers to automatically build, test, verify, and then promote code to QA.

A flexible, pluggable, and open framework
HP provides a DevOps reference architecture that is fully flexible, pluggable, and open, allowing you to seamlessly integrate HP tools with third-party and open source tools. Doing so enables you to automate processes and achieve an end-to-end, continuous delivery of applications, starting from plan and design, to coding and testing, through deployment and operation.

The days of rip and replace are gone. Enterprises these days have a mix of everything. And they are very conscious of the cost and investment they have made. So if they are fully invested in a cloud solution or a service management solution, we’re not proposing that they let go of that and just take our product sets. We’re saying OK, we can build on top of your investment. That’s the unique value.

The HP DevOps architecture aligns with industry best practices. Pre-packaged solutions incorporate HP and third-party tools such as Jenkins, Chef and Eclipse, enabling you to quickly build a DevOps platform. At HP, we provide services ranging from workshops to implementation to managed services.

To find out more about how your enterprise can benefit from a DevOps reference architecture, come to my Journey to DevOps session at HP Discover Barcelona. And, read this HP DevOps Toolkit, which includes a Gartner report on the seven critical steps to DevOps success.

Vikul headshot.JPG Vikul Gupta has over 15 years’ experience in the strategy, management, delivery, and development of technology solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn at

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