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How does your insurance company ensure that it is on your side?


A very large insurance company needed to improve the governance of its application delivery lifecycle, and turned to HP Executive Scorecard to help it make smarter decisions faster. Initially, the company determined that it needed to be more proactive, and decision-makers needed to make decisions faster. The firm had determined that its decision-making was data-constrained and occurring too late in the month to be actionable. Making matters worse, much of the metrics being used were collected over different time periods. This made it impossible to correlate data and to discover interdependencies.


After an internal review, the insurance company found it was spending more time collecting data than it was on analyzing the results. Decision makers wanted to see, understand, and act on metrics and data across the entire application lifecycle. This included application quality data, configuration management data, defect management data, and availability and performance management, and it impacted a wide stakeholder list including the CIO, VP of applications, directors, PMs, service managers, and quality managers.


To fix these issues, this insurance company decided to use HP Executive Scorecard. With its capability of automating all data collection and report generation, the solution freed analysts previously assigned to manual report generation to perform data analysis and to lead improvement efforts. But even more important, information was provided to decision makers on a near real-time basis. Analysts were able to add running commentary to data so it became even more valuable to decision makers. This made decision making more actionable—as implementation holes occurred, actions were taken to plug them. It also helped to drive performance improvement across the entire application delivery lifecycle, as cross-linkages and performance drivers were discovered and acted upon.


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Solution page: IT Executive Scorecard

Twitter: @MylesSuer

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Mr. Suer is a senior manager for IT Performance Management. Prior to this role, Mr. Suer headed IT Performance Management Analytics Product Management including IT Financial Management and Executive Scorecard.

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