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How not to discover your performance --> How auto sales people cheat the system


While GM is well known for this, I was distressed to learn that US franchises of a major European car brand now use the same method of avoiding hearing anything useful from their customers. This is because their bonuses and employment depend partly on their NPS scores. Here is what a US-based person in my team just received from her sales person, after a lenghty lecture at the dealership that only a 10 was acceptable:


Hello [Name removed]


We want to say thank you for choosing [Franchise name removed] and myself for your new vehicle.  We understand what a major decision it is to purchase a vehicle, and are glad you placed your trust in us.  It is our mission now to make you comfortable in the trust you have placed in us.  Never hesitate to contact me if you have a question, or could use my assistance.  If you ever get the chance, I would love for you to let your friends, neighbors, and co-workers know how easy it is to purchase a vehicle from [Removed].  Please it’s very important to keep your eye out for [Removed] Survey in the E-mail and please remember the magic number is ten, yes & under 30 minutes. If your a Yelp reviewer please leave a comment about me and your buying experience at [Francise name removed] and a 5 star. Click on this link to know more about your vehicle   [Link removed]. We appreciate your business. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me direct at [Removed] (cell) or you can email me at [Removed]


Thanks again,



Maurice FitzGerald - Customer Experience and Strategy consultant
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Maurice FitzGerald ecently retired from his position as VP of Customer Experience for HPE Software after a career in hardware, software and services at DEC, Compaq and HP.

Satish Palani

Hello Maurice,


I completely agree to your point. The message goes out from the auto dealer is more like influencing the customer to rate top score. It will default the customer to give 10’s. It is good to keep the organization at the top most customer satisfaction. Always, there would be a room for improvement and bring innovative ideas to improve the business.


Unless an organization get customers negative comments (even though they rate anything less than 10), business assume they are at the right path and meeting all the customer requirements based on the influenced scores & metrics.

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