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There are lots of papers, blogs and articles on AI and it appears in most of the 2018 predictions from IT industry commentators and analysts. Yes, AI can bring huge benefits to us automating tasks but it can require specialist know how which thankfully is not required if AI is an integral part of the product you buy.


Products or services with AI built in have two forms. Either AI is the key enabler of an end to end solution, for example an autonomous vehicle or it is a component that is part of an end to end solution. Recognition of this component approach allows a rapid acceleration of the use of AI in many places.

Consider what has happened with two fairly recent acquisitions by HPE; Niara and Nimble (which included InfoSight).

  • The acquisition of Niara by HPE was announced in Feb 2017. The technology analyses the behaviour of devices (devices and IoT nodes) on an access network profiling what they do and looking for abnormalities. This is critical for security. If an abnormality occurs the device being disconnected or isolated using Aruba ClearPass capabilities. It is also critical for mass scale IoT device rollout where each device cannot be manually entered into the access control system. Limited access, based on a policy, can be granted automatically making deployment of thousands of nodes simpler.
  • HPE acquired Nimble Storage, a provider of what was called “predictive all-flash and hybrid-flash storage solutions” in April 2017. The acquisition included InfoSight that collects data from IT components, like storage and VMs, and then makes recommendations on how to keep the components running smoothly.

By the end of 2017 the capabilities were integrated into the HPE portfolio with more to come.

HPE has allowed IT organisations using these capabilities to deploy AI components in their end to end IT management. The IT organisations benefit from AI without the need to acquire development skills - the components deliver automation beyond what can be achieved by individuals in production, now.

The outcome is not AI hype but rather practical digital transformation. HPE’s customers can run more secure, more efficient IT systems using AI every day with no requirement to build specialist know how.

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