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“Industrie 4.0” @ WEF – what it means to your business


What is "Industrie 4.0" and what does it mean for my business?

While the term "Industrie 4.0" originated in Germany, it represents challenges and opportunities for businesses around the world.


In The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the future belongs to the fast.

Business and government leaders from around the world gathered for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The topic: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – expected to bring change at a speed, scale and force unlike anything we’ve experienced before, and will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

HPE’s CEO Meg Whitman was there and shared her insights in the panel discussion “The Digital Transformation of Industries”, alongside other CEOs and leaders who have faced a digital transformation themselves.

The panelists discussed what big bets their organizations are making in the digital transformation of their business models and organizational structures. Meg, representing HPE as a company at the forefront of the technologies driving this Transformation of Industries, shared two main points:

  • Speed: “The future belongs to the fast. If you can’t get your organization to accelerate at dramatic speed their ability to develop the technology that will allow you to win, almost by definition, you are falling behind.”
  • Business strategy is now completely one in the same with IT strategy… There is no business strategy without the IT underpinnings that will allow you to win in the marketplace”
    (You can watch Meg and all panelists here)

It all boils down to speed and business/IT strategy alignment. In other words, successful organizations should design IT and Business strategies to synchronize with, and support one another while delivering at a speed that will enable them to win in the marketplace.

The Internet of Things (IoT) drives the Digital Transformation of Industries.

IoT can help organizations achieve the speed required to stay ahead of the Digital Transformation of Industries. Consisting of billions of connected devices capturing strategic pieces of data and securely transmitting them for analysis, IoT can dramatically accelerate your speed for making decisions, leading to increased operations efficiency and faster response to the market.

But not only can IoT help organizations increase speed, it can also generate growth, helping you identify new opportunities for innovative offerings, connecting you closer to customers, your operations, and the environment, taking your business to heights never before realized:

Increase efficiency: Labor-intensive monitoring and meter reading can be delegated to Internet-connected smart meters. In the energy industry, for example, operators use data from in-pipeline sensors and aerial surveys—integrated with operational databases—to increase the efficiency and safety of employees and the community.

Enhance decision making: IoT solutions can provide the data to automate decisions based on what’s happening right this moment. Utilization and wear data for assets lets managers determine where they should be deployed for best return and when they should proactively schedule maintenance. Manufacturers can measure process yields and reject rates and make corrections quickly.

Enable innovative new offerings: IoT technology can turn products into services and sales transactions into subscriptions. For example, HP Instant Ink service integrates sensors into printer ink cartridges to automatically resupply ink when printers run low.

Organizations can take advantage of greater market opportunities when they innovate on products and services, improve efficiency and make better business decisions. The Internet of Things, while still in its infancy, drives and enables the Digital Transformation of Industries by providing new ways of adding incremental value and exploring entirely new markets.

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Guest blog by Lin Nease, HPE IoT Distinguished Technologist.

Realize the benefits of IoT: efficiency, speed and innovation, through videos, case studies, and whitepapers; all on: HPE Solutions for the Internet of Things .

Will you be at Mobile World Congress? Let us know , or please visit us at Booth A20, Hall 3– we would like to hear about your Business and IT goals and explore solutions.



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