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Is your security adaptive? Preview Discover Las Vegas security transformation workshop





By Gerben Verstraete


Gerben is CTO for HP Software Professional Services with a focus on BSM, security and the transformation of IT operations.


At HP Software Professional Services we talk about the new IT landscape—where software-defined everything meets cloud and mobile, forcing IT departments to rethink the way they operate. This new IT environment calls for a new, adaptive style of security that I’ll be discussing at the Enterprise Security Transformation workshops at HP Discover. To understand the future, we need to talk about the characteristics of most security efforts as they now stand:


  • Not integrated with the business
  • Not integrated within IT
  • Is perceived as red tape
  • Needs to work on promoting security as a business value
  • Needs to embrace proven concepts to improve security measures
  • Is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start in the new world

Most of these issues are at heart either a lack of understanding or a lack of empowerment. The way security is working today is very much focused on how the world used to be. But, now we need a new style of securing our services infrastructure. It is hard to defend the perimeter of cloud and Big Data. Your perimeter is shifting every millisecond.


Why alignment is crucial, but often missing

Security professionals at most organizations are well aware that there is no perimeter anymore, even though traditional datacenter security still gets a relative high attention and funding as that’s what we were used to. What CISOs are missing is an understanding of the five things that allow you to control security: Process, policy, procedure, product, people and proof. The goal is to make security integral to every area of the organization, at all stages of the lifecycle.


At the very beginning of the security lifecycle, you have governance. Often, governance sets a certain standard and then little happens because it’s seen as red tape. For example: An application needs to be developed and security is not part of the process until testing occurs. The developer likely feels there’s a higher cost to making sure all the governance boxes are checked than delivering the app on time. They're not aware that the application that they're writing can be a risk to the business.


In the example above, you have different entities—in this case development and governance—with conflicting goals. The business is likely to sign off on the risks to make go-to-market deadlines. What’s missing is alignment. The enterprise needs to redefine alignment between security, IT and the business.


Transform security from red tape to competitive advantage

The goal for the enterprise is to flip the ratio from time spent on being reactive and firefighting to one of having time to innovate their security model and continuously improve and test their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. You want to transform these plans from an administrative burden to an enabler of the business though a seamless and transparent experience for all customers both internal and external.


In fact, we want to align security with the business to enable it and become a true competitive advantage. At HP, we recommend companies start their transformation by getting a solid grounding in the reality of their situation. Like any journey, you can’t figure out how to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are.


Once you have a handle on how things really work in your company, you can start your transformation in discrete steps. Starting with alignment, you can move from a reactive way of doing business to an innovative one with standardization, optimization, and finally automation.


The future starts now

The “know before you go” approach gives you the most accurate view of your current environment. Understanding where you are going and where you are starting from is key in delivering an accurate gap analysis.


This is where the Transformation Experience Workshop helps you to facilitate how to address these gaps and how to accomplish the end goal based on concrete data that supports a sustainable transformation strategy that is aligned with your business strategy. Given the new style of IT, a new style of security isn’t optional anymore.


Sign up for the Enterprise Security Transformation workshops at HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas for a concrete plan on how to move your security efforts forward.


Gerben.jpgGerben Verstraete works in the CTO Office with HP Software Professional Services, a role which includes defining implementation strategies for global Fortune 500 customers. Gerben is also responsible for the go-to-market services strategies for HP’s Software services & solution portfolio inclusive of data center transformation and in particular the transformation of IT operations. He regularly leads critical client engagements acting in CIO and VP/IT strategic advisory roles.









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