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Lessons from the beach – No time to switch off?


RafaelBrugnini.jpgAs we all regroup from our summer vacations I was reflecting on my own experience during the break. Like most people, despite stringent commitments to my family (and to myself) that I would really take time completely away from “the office” – in truth is it’s not that easy.


That’s because we’ve come to rely heavily on our mobile devices for all sorts of useful stuff that transcends both our work and “non-work” life. When we go on vacation we want the convenience of mobile access to airline check in, car hire, maps of our resort, finding the best restaurant or checking for the wind and wave forecast. How many times whilst you were on holiday did you see yet another new innovative use of a mobile application in either a business or social context?


The problem is with the all this mobile usage it’s hard to maintain the separation between work and leisure. It is so easy to fall into the trap of “I’ll just read that one email”, whether you are on the beach, lounging on a balcony, cooking at the barbecue, or in the bar. A mobile device can quickly drag us back into the “mobile office”.


So switching off isn’t easy anymore and the problem doesn’t stop with people. In a world of continuous service – it’s not just individuals that can’t switch off. The same holds true for our business applications. With the massive proliferation of mobile apps it’s easy to forget our reliance on those traditional “back ends” which supply us with data and services. When do they get upgraded? How do we predict the additional load mobile applications might put on them? How do we ensure the quality of end-to-end customer experience? What are the new security implications?


The truth is these new breed of applications are placing incredible strain on our entire application delivery ecosystem and with shrinking, or in some cases non-existent downtime windows – we are being forced to re-think our response to the challenges of Continuous Delivery.


Continuous Delivery is not going to be applicable in the same way to every application in a portfolio. Some systems have developed over the last 40 years and simply cannot cope with the pace of change needed for a modern user experience. However we can apply some of the modern principles we are using to help address the change needed across the entire Enterprise.


Technologies like HP Service Virtualisation speed up test activity, reducing the cost of the testing effort, and enabling users to decouple some of the traditional architecture components from modern front end applications during testing. HP Performance Anywhere tracks end user experience across complex architectures to help capture degradations of service before they hit the end user, not only speeding up the mean time to repair but making sure end user experience is maximised. Advanced automation technologies, like HP Server Automation, provision extra capacity as user count increases, fixing capacity issues before they impact end users. This same technology can be used to provision test environments so delivery isn’t slowed down waiting for hardware and application configurations to be implemented.


But let’s be honest it costs a lot less to find and fix defects before we have services live in production. This creates a need to find a way to increase testing and give more confidence to operational teams that the services work in the proposed environments.


To learn more about HP’s latest thoughts on how Mobility is shaping the requirements of the New Style of IT, take a look at our latest Enterprise 2020 Video. And for more details on HP’s solutions for continuous delivery, visit the HP Continuous Delivery Automation web page.

About the Author


Rafael Brugnini (Rafa) joined HP in 1996 and has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry. He lives in Madrid with family, and in his spare time he enjoys windsurfing.

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