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Lubrizol IT makes a difference by changing its discussion with the business


At Discover Las Vegas, IT System Architect Shawn Hart explained how his company, Lubrizol, used the HP Executive Scorecard to change the way it talks to customers. According to Hart, Lubrizol has made a change that is transformational. For the first time, the business is looking at the performance of critical business services and having a discussion with IT about how improving the service desk can drive a different business outcome. “We have never had these kinds of conversations,” Hart said.


How did Lubrizol drive such fundamental change? First, IT focused on service owners and strategic decision-makers. “They defined a portfolio of services that mattered to them and not us,” Hart said. As a chemicals company, this meant that shipping and receiving were critical to the supply chain, and were on the top of the list of services. Next, IT needed to measure success from the customer’s perspective. This meant that the KPIs had to mean something to customers and the customers’ customers. “We made this work by interviewing them,” Hart said. “And what we are seeing as results is driving strategic decisions.”


Hart cautioned against the temptation of comparing Executive Scorecard to operational reporting. “I know for many of you will be comparing Executive Scorecard with what you do in operational reporting,” he said. “I did the same thing. But don’t. Executive Scorecard is not operational reporting. It is a strategic tool. It is about driving real improvement. It is about having a strategic message for the CIO. It is about changing strategy and customer outcomes.” Hart added that, once he began thinking strategically, he needed to know how much time the transformation was going to take. It didn’t take long—Hart explained, “We were up and connected to service manager in a pilot program in just a couple of weeks. This was a powerful statement for us. Finally, taking this step has driven responsibility and ownership across the extended IT team. And this has impacted the IT bottom line.”


Learn how you can change your relationship with the business, as well as the transformations and performance improvements that result from using HP Executive Scorecard. Please follow this link to the video of the presentation.


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