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Making it matter—Meg Whitman’s talk


meg.jpgMeg Whitman gave her keynote speech today at HP Discover on “Making it Matter.”  Meg said, “This is what we do for our customers. We make technology work for them.” We are (at HP) about solving your problems and realizing your opportunities. Specifically, “we solve our customer problems around Converged Cloud; Security; and Information Management.” And as I think about what we are doing with the HP Executive Scorecard, I concluded that what Executive Scorecard is about at its core is demonstrating and managing IT to make it Matter.



What do I mean? Well, when a customer chooses one of the business transformational strategies mentioned by Meg, they have specific business goals and objectives in mind. These could include:


  • To improve business agility
  • To reduce cost and improve performance of the business
  • To protect and secure the corporation
  • To harvest enterprise information created

However, each of these is not a static goal. Improvement, to quote ITIL Version 3, needs to happen “continually.” As important, we need to demonstrate that we do in fact achieve the business transformation goals planned for one of these initiatives. This is where Executive Scorecard comes into play. It enables you to set goals for the initiative and then measure whether the business transformation is delivered. Put simply, this is how you actually make it matter.


For example in cloud strategy, you want to see an increase in project velocity, a reduction in the time to apply a patch, an increase in the change success rate, and a reduction in outages. All of these can be measured against an improvement objective within Executive Scorecard.


For security and compliance, we need to measure that we do have things under control and we are putting in the underpinnings needed to become more proactive. This means not just measuring the percentage of security incidents (which is indeed important), but also measuring improvements against the things that make network and servers susceptible. Being proactive here means asking: Do I have policy standards and do I have the ability to make sure that configurations are locked down against them?

Finally in the area of information management, I need to make ensure that I am effectively managing my corporate jewels—my information. Here, there are many things that I care about:


1)      Improving my ability to do  a successful restore

2)      Increasing the percentage of tests that achieve recovery objectives

3)      Increasing the percentage of non-compliance with the data classification scheme

4)      Decreasing the number of downtime incidents caused by insufficient storage capacity


So there you have it, HP is about making it matter. And HP Executive Scorecard is how you manage to make it matter. Make it matter!


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Mr. Suer is a senior manager for IT Performance Management. Prior to this role, Mr. Suer headed IT Performance Management Analytics Product Management including IT Financial Management and Executive Scorecard.

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