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Mobile apps set the enterprise on fire



Exploding is perhaps an understatement.”


That’s how John Jeremiah, HP senior product marketing manager, framed the mobile landscape at the Power to Change virtual event session he moderated last week. “Mobile development and mobile apps are transforming the way we live and the way we work,” he explained. “It’s driving revenue and transforming industries and business everywhere.”


Following the tidal wave that began in the consumer space, Jeremiah said that mobile will next flood the enterprise. And the deluge, while welcome by users—who want work apps and devices that mirror the level of productivity they get from their own smartphones and tablets—poses challenges for IT, including BYOD (bring your own device) application access and security, as well as the future of HTML 5 and testing in a mobile environment.


Jeremiah asked Michael Jennett, program director for HP enterprise mobile apps, about the BYOD policies at HP. “At HP we’ve really embraced the BYOD revolution—it’s something you can’t get away from,” Jennett said. “The idea of having two separate devices, one for personal and one for work, just doesn’t work anymore.”


When it comes to designing mobile applications, the attendees agreed that mobile apps fill a different niche in users’ lives than desktop apps. The future will center on bringing users a seamless experience, no matter where they are—whether in front of a big screen in the office or a small screen on the road.


Jennett thinks the future is already here—it’s the explosion of the enterprise app store. “In the next couple of years,” he said, “you won’t have a major company without an enterprise app store. Really, that’s just proliferation. And, as we see the blending of the tablet, phone and computer, the apps you see today on a smart phone you’ll probably see tomorrow on a desktop.”


The four tracks in the Power to Change virtual event—application lifecycle management, cloud and automation, IT service management and operations management—explore how changes in technology are dramatically affecting the way your enterprise operates, and how you can embrace these changes before your competitors. Other informative sessions offered as part of the event included:


  • The seven success factors when planning a hybrid cloud
    What are the critical success factors that IT and business leaders should consider for becoming a cloud service broker? Speakers included Matt Morgan, vice president of product marketing, HP Software; Paul Burns, president and principal analyst at Neovise Research; and Ken Won, director of product marketing of Cloud Software at HP Software.
  • Service management in the new style of IT
    Matt Morgan, vice president, product marketing, HP Software and Glenn O’Donnell, principal analyst at Forrester Research, shared how you can evolve your IT service desk and IT service management strategies for a more dynamic and user-oriented environment.
  • Using predictive analytics to prevent future performance failures
    Play back this session to learn about advances in predictive analytics and how they are being applied to application performance monitoring.

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To learn more about mobile technology trends, read Mobility 20/20.


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