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Recapping the best of DevOps 2014


Join us for episode 38 of Discover Performance Weekly as we look back at some of the best episodes covering the topic of DevOps. We will hear from our distinguished guests on 4 key areas:


• Hype vs. reality of DevOps (1:00)

• Key elements of trust and culture (3:10)

• DevOps plus security for resiliency (5:25)

• Case study from Game Show Networks - an organization practicing DevOps now (7:30)


In this episode, HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing, Paul Muller (@xthestreams), recaps his conversations with DevOps experts:


• HP’s VP of Product Marketing for IT Operations Management, Roy Ritthaller, and the "most connected human," Chris Dancy (@servicesphere). They debate whether DevOps is what cloud was five years ago.

• Co-authors and DevOps experts, Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) and Jez Humble (@JezHumble) talk about the role of culture and trust in high-performance organizations. 

• Co-founder of DTO Solutions, Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) and author and DevOps practitioner, James Wickett (@wickett) take an unplugged look at the FUD behind DevOps.

• Damon Edwards (@DamonEdwards) and Portman Wills (@portman_wills), chief data monger with Game Show Networks, discuss how DevOps can actually drive better IT Performance.


You can find the full episodes highlighted in this episode here:

- Is DevOps what cloud was 5 years ago?

- Trust me I’m a DevOps: What do culture and trust have to do with IT and business

- Rugged FUD: what is the truth behind DevOps, security and moving fast without failing?

- DevOps – Making IT’s miracle cure a reality


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