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Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction? Benchmark your incident ticket reopens!


Last week I wrote about the insights we’ve been getting from HP customers about service desk performance (“How do you benchmark your service desk performance?”). We asked several HP customers to give their opinions on typical service management metrics. Additionally, we asked them about their actual performance (confidentially, of course). Today I would like to share the aggregated benchmark as well as where customers are performing today. And from here, we move to a discussion of how to improve the IT bottom line.


What’s a good benchmark for reopens?

By taking a weighted average of the customer responses we’re able to report that our participants as a whole felt the benchmark for incident reopens should be less than 5%. And in contrast to last week’s piece about first call resolution (when I wrote that only 12.5% of respondents made the benchmark), 53% of respondents actually make this benchmark. However, I should be clear that this was for a relatively small group of HP customers. To really find out what’s going on with this and other service desk performance metrics, we would like a bigger group to participate in our survey. So as we said last week, we want you!


We would like you to vote on this and other service management benchmarks. Please click the link below and confidentially share what you think the benchmark performance should be for incident reopens and other important service desk measures:


Why do benchmarks matter?

If you could improve incident reopens by five percentage points or greater what would this mean? Well, fewer reopens means that things are fixed right the first time. This by itself will create happier customers because customers do not like their time wasted. Also, it means that things were fixed right through either proper incident or problem management. This over time lowers the cost of service delivery and incident management.


So putting everything together, the wisdom of the crowd says that incident reopens should be less than 5%.. Where this is not the case, you’re looking at inefficiency and poor service delivery. Therefore, if you want a pure play IT cost reduction, you should work to be world class in incident reopens. So how do you measure up to or improve this metric? Please share.


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Mr. Suer is a senior manager for IT Performance Management. Prior to this role, Mr. Suer headed IT Performance Management Analytics Product Management including IT Financial Management and Executive Scorecard.

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