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Security through obscurity: How to create better communication for business, IT and security teams


Here's a special edition of Discover Performance Weekly filmed recently in Washington, D.C. at HP Protect 2014.  As
security becomes a topic in every boardroom, the need for communication among business and IT executives grows. However bridging the "language barrier" can be a challenge. In this video, 
HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing, Paul Muller (@xthestreams), sits down with CTO of HP's Enterprise Security Products, Jacob West (@sfjacob) and our special guests, founder of Trusted Software Alliance, Mark Miller (@EUSP), and Wayne Rash (@wrash), the Washington Bureau Chief at eWeek. They will discuss the importance of communication in the security industry.

In this episode, Paul, Wayne, Mark and Jacob discuss topics like: 

- Adversaries are communicating, why aren't the good guys? (1:25)
- Security impacts everyone (2:05)
- The tipping point of security awareness (2:40)
- Security languages and secret codes (3:30)
- Writing for IT generalists (4:30)
- The need for consistent jargon and languages (5:50)
- Using ITIL in IT as an example (8:15)
- Getting a consensus among the geeks and the boardroom (9:30)
- Are we suffering from breach fatigue? (11:50)
- The security blindspot (13:30)

Tip of the Week (15:50):
Wayne - Consider security for your mobile device
Mark - Roebie mascot for Women in Technology
Jacob - Reloaded: The Seven Pernicious Kingdoms, 2014 edition 
Paul - Krebs on Security

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