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See what’s next for your business with software services experts at HPE Discover London




Our first Discover as the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise is approaching rapidly. Since we last met in Las Vegas, it’s only become clearer that IT has a major role to play in helping enterprises compete in the Idea Economy. But this role depends on rapidly seizing opportunities and transforming to meet new business demands.


In Vegas, our CEO Meg Whitman unveiled the four transformation areas that will be critical to business success. At HPE Discover London, get ready to see how we’ve organised offerings in these four areas to address your business priorities:

  • Transform to a hybrid infrastructure
  • Protect your digital enterprise
  • Empower the data-driven enterprise
  • Enable workplace productivity


In HPE Software Services, we’ve put together a slate of sessions, demos, and activities focused around improving your enterprise agility with DevOps, delivering the right services to the business at the right time with cloud service broker, using the power of Big Data to harness insights for growth, leveraging IT4IT and automation to enable bimodal IT, and much, much more.


Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss:


Cloud service broker: Sourcing and managing services to improve competitive advantage

Cloud services are proliferating as enterprises move more of their mission-critical workloads to the cloud. But with this migration comes an increase in management complexity across IT. A cloud service broker addresses this complexity by sourcing and managing cloud services as well as in-house IT services, shielding business customers from the headaches of evaluating and switching services based on cost, performance, security, compliance, reliability, and so on. You need this role in your organisation–your ability to compete depends on it. It’s so critical, we’ve created a demo area devoted to cloud service broker, where you can explore tools, methodology, and expert insight that will help you transform. Please stop by the Cloud Service Broker Platform Demo1522 in the Transformation Zone to talk to us.


To learn more, attend these sessions:


DevOps for increased agility and quality with reduced risk

As enterprises continue to embrace DevOps, we’re helping to usher in the next phase of DevOps evolution by integrating security, introducing metrics and KPIs, and demonstrating frameworks for true end-to-end DevOps. At Discover London, you can experience model-office demos with a prebuilt, fully integrated DevOps solution. These demos give you the opportunity to see how DevOps would work for your organisation through different use cases:


You can also discover how a DevOps managed services solution helps you reach your goals (Demo1640). Make sure you also check out these other DevOps-related sessions:


Big Data that brings real value: Voice of the Customer Rapid Deploy Solution

Expect to hear compelling stories about Big Data solutions at Discover in keynotes, sessions, and demos all aligned around the theme of “Empower the data-driven enterprise.” In particular, look for Robert Youngjohns, EVP and GM of HPE Software, who will talk about HPE’s Big Data vision and provide information around a really exciting solution that gives you the ability to quickly analyse live customer interactions: HPE Voice of the Customer Rapid Deploy Solution. This offering allows you to aggregate data sources, automatically cluster data to discover emerging trends, take sentiment analysis to the next level, and give you broad social media analysis access. The result is that you have a 360-degree view of customer interactions in time to affect your bottom line. Learn more by visiting the demo in the Transformation Zone:


Accelerate your software adoption with Education

Our Software Education solutions help you make the most of your software investment by increasing your users’ productivity and by decreasing your overall software support costs. We have different types of education to support all kinds of learners.  Join us for a demo of our eLearning solution—the HPE Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)—in the Transformation Zone. Also ask us about the New Style of Learning and the importance of a continuous enablement strategy—because software is only as powerful as the people using it.


Transformation workshops for rapid results

Our transformation workshops fill up fast. Why? Because we condense what is often a full-day meeting into a brief session that gives you key insights and gets you going with a roadmap for success. There’s no better way to jump start a transformation to better business outcomes. In London, we’ll be offering workshops around the areas that matter most in today’s business landscape:

  • Service brokerage and multi-supplier integration transformation
  • IT4IT transformation management
  • DevOps transformation
  • Enterprise agile-application delivery lifecycle management
  • Empower the Data-driven organization


Sign up online at the Discover London website.


Deliver more value with IT4IT and automation-as-a-service

IT organisations must be able to deliver more value in order to compete in the New Style of Business. Find out how you can expand your business impact by using IT4IT to manage your entire IT value chain and learn about new flexible consumption models for attaining business outcomes using pay-per-use solutions in these sessions:


More sessions to add to your agenda

Our experts are also on hand to discuss education and training, Big Data and ITSM, converged security, and more. Stop by the Transformation Zone Welcome Area or attend these specific sessions to learn more:


Build your agenda today. We’re looking forward to seeing you in London!


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