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Service Management Re-Invented (Part 1)


Picture1.jpgTicketless IT: From Tribal Knowledge to Connected Intelligence


I always look forward to our major customer events, as they are the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the current industry agenda. ‘What’s got people most animated?’ I ask myself, ‘What are the critical pains points facing our customers? Which of our solutions are gaining momentum, and how can we best deliver value?’


Earlier this month we hosted over 450 customers at our biannual Customer Forum in Istanbul. Of those, around 200 were part of the Service and Portfolio Management track so it was clear that something has got our Service Management customers VERY engaged! I had many great conversations over the course of the event, but one consistent message I picked up from that group is that THEIR customers are becoming ever more demanding, and that service quality is not only a clear differentiator, but more importantly, a source of real competitive advantage for the core business.


This got me thinking about the exciting changes we’re seeing in the world of Service Management, and the increasing customer expectations of IT service quality.


Today we are faced with a generation of users for whom search and social collaboration is expected as standard. As digital natives, they don’t have the time or patience for lengthy waits while IT gurus slowly get to grips with their technical issues – they want it fixed, and they want it fixed now. On top of this, users are increasingly collaborative in their approach to IT problem solving - generously offering to help each other on forums and add insightful comments to support sites in order to make life a little easier for their peers. In fact, a recent survey shows 48% of HP customers like advice from their peers via online forums specific to their software. These new expectations are creating a whole new agenda for service delivery teams.


The IT Helpdesk has traditionally been staffed by a small pool of operators responding to requests from a much larger community of users. To manage the Helpdesk tickets were used, at least in part, to ration what was a highly valuable commodity for most businesses – IT know how.  This ticket-driven, transactional request/fulfil model has remained an enduring feature of most IT Service Management solutions -- but today’s business users find it restricting, old-fashioned and ineffective and often look for alternatives. To meet the needs of the next generation of user’s, HP is making fundamental architectural changes to take these concepts to the next level with a major focus on knowledge automation, self-service, collaboration and a modern, engaging user experience. We’re calling this approach “Connected Intelligence”.  Essentially making all the information contained within the service desk system compellingly easy and intuitive for users to access and self-resolve or collaborate.


This seems to be one of the key reasons we’re experiencing such a wave of interest in our latest Service Management solutions, Service Anywhere, Service Manager and Propel. By leveraging the HAVEn big data platform, we’ve transformed the user experience to provide unprecedented ease-of-access to information. HAVEn Connected Intelligence automates the creation and sharing of knowledge, exploiting the unique capabilities of Autonomy IDOL to extract meaning from data. By automating the creation of knowledge we avoid the critical delays associated with the manual publication of a knowledge using traditional approaches.Just imagine the level of insight found in a forum readily available from within your organisation. Embedding this ideology directly into our solutions means we promote the sharing of in-depth, quality information whilst reducing the threat of unqualified or potentially dangerous “tips” proliferating, creating risk or causing serious compliance problems.


With traditional approaches to self-service and knowledge sharing already cited as delivering  50–60% improved time to resolution, 30–50% increase in first contact resolution and 20–40% improvement in employee satisfaction, we are carefully monitoring early customer experience and expect to establish new benchmark performance in these areas.


But that’s not the only place we’re using HAVEn’s big data analytics to deliver exciting new functionality. When we showed off Problem Hunter, Auto Categorization and Hot Topic Analytics in Istanbul, customers were literally on the edge of their seats. To get a flavour of what they saw, take a look at this short video to see how we’re providing actionable knowledge management to improve service quality and staff efficiency.


From the reaction of our customers everywhere, it’s clear to me that the potential of Ticketless IT and Connected Intelligence are playing a critical role in re-inventing the way we design and deliver the Service Management solutions of the future. In Part 2 of this blog I’ll return to this topic looking specifically at shared services design.


To hear what customers are saying about HP ServiceAnywhere, visit the Techvalidate site. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on the future of IT Services or perhaps some tips of your own, please share them below.


About the Author


Rafael Brugnini (Rafa) joined HP in 1996 and has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry. He lives in Madrid with family, and in his spare time he enjoys windsurfing.

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