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Testing: The good news and the bad news


Enterprises have been stuck in the speed-vs-quality conundrum for a while, facing a user base that demands both—but a set of legacy processes that usually leads to one or the other. A new report suggests that enterprise IT shops are working hard—and spending big—to bridge the gap between fast releases and good releases.


The World Quality Report from Capgemini, Sogeti, and HP reveals that testing and QA now account for 23 percent of IT spend, a notable 5 percent jump from last year. Not only do more enterprises understand the business case for testing, but they also work to communicate back to the business exactly how testing contributes to the bottom line. Forty-five percent say they're demonstrating the link between QA and reduced time to market, and 39 percent say they're translating testing into quantifiable cost savings. 


If that sounds like all good news, the report also shows that things could be a lot better. When it comes to mobile apps and devices—arguably the main driver for better, faster testing—nearly half the companies surveyed say they're still not doing a good job. Fifty-six percent say they don't have the specialized methods to do a good job on mobile testing, and 48 percent say they lack in-house mobile testing experts—which could indicate that the testing efforts that are happening might not be the most effective ones. 


Still, there's a clear trend toward testing and toward acceptance of testing as a critical business strategy. Last year, just 6 percent of respondents had a full operational Testing Center of Excellence; this year, that number jumped to 19 percent. 


Check out the full report for a lot more interesting stats on the state of testing and some recommendations on how enterprises can move their own testing efforts forward.


For more, download the full report and sign up for the Oct. 2 webinar, “Emerging Trends in Testing: Conclusions from the 2013-2014 World Quality Report.”


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