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The Big Data solution that protects your customers, your brand, and your bottom line


HP GPAS.JPGBy Gary Moloney


Gary Moloney is Cloud Services Innovation Centre Program Manager with HP Software Professional Services.


Using Big Data analytics to get a holistic view of your product in both the supply chain and in the marketplace is something of Holy Grail for enterprises. Operations and supply chain need to know how they’re performing against performance goals with full visibility that lets them see if the supply chain integrity is being compromised, particularly if counterfeit goods are entering the market or if their product is being diverted into grey markets. At the same time, marketers want to know how their promotion plans are working when the product arrives in the marketplace. Or they want insight into how and where customers are encountering their products.


When we started HP’s Global Product Authentication Service (HP GPAS) the idea was clear. Counterfeit goods harm people and brands, and there should be a better way of empowering customers so they know whether the product they’re buying is authentic. And there should be an easier way for brands to look into their supply chain and pinpoint vulnerabilities. Our cloud-based service gave brand owners a way to uniquely identify and tag products, and for customers to validate goods conveniently from their smartphones.


3 GPAS insights that can make a difference in your business

Now we’re taking GPAS and evolving it to the next level, integrating these capabilities with HP’s HAVEn Big Data platform. When you add the real-time Big Data analytic power of Vertica to GPAS, you’re able to get insight into 3 key areas that can make a difference in your business:


  • Customer interactions with the product: Where are customers when they’re considering your product? What marketing initiatives and social media are they engaging with? How about providing an easy way for customers to enter into loyalty, sweepstakes, or warranty programs from or measure the success of your marketing programs in the marketplace. HP Product & Consumer Engagement Analytics gives you that 360-degree view of customer interactions.


  • Supply chain operations: How does your supply chain actually stack up operationally against stated KPIs? Where are your performance issues and hot spots? GPAS allows you to expose operational data about your supply chain to a real-time Big Data platform, giving you insights into how you’re really performing with HP Supply Chain Analytics.


  • Product authentication: Counterfeiting and gray-market goods affect industries from pharmaceuticals to the luxury brand market. Not only do counterfeits harm your brand and bottom line, they can physically harm your customers. HP Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Analytics counter this threat.    


Best of all this service doesn’t require you to build up in-house data science and analytics teams. You’re accessing the power of the HP’s HAVEn Big Data platform through the cloud as a service. The way we’ve built GPAS services, SMEs within the business can ask the questions about specific business problems and receive answers without requiring intervention from data scientists. You don’t have to implement HP Vertica to solve discrete problems that can make a difference to your business—and you can get the service up and running in a much shorter time frame than a traditional Big Data project.


People talk about the Internet of Things and the power of Big Data to change the way consumers and brands interact; we’re helping to make it reality today.


If you’re iGary_Moloney.jpgnterested in learning more about GPAS solutions, I invite you to contact me directly at Or visit the GPAS website.


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