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The Internet of bling: the truth behind wearables



Join us for episode 39 of Discover Performance Weekly as we discuss the hot topic of wearables.  The basis of the discussion revolves around a recent article on Discover Performance, “Wearables: When and how they’ll change enterprise IT.”


HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing, Paul Muller (@xthestreams), sits down with mobility expert and head of user experience at Sanofi, Brian Katz (@bmkatz) and CEO of Theatro, Chris Todd (@Theatro_Retail). 

In this episode, Paul, Brian and Chris discuss topics like:


  • What is a wearable? (0:50
  • How to design for usability (2:20)
  • Consumer wearable vs. Enterprise wearable (4:30
  • Dark data in wearables (5:30)
  • Wearables for hourly workers (6:30)
  • Case studies for wearables (7:30
  • How many devices are too many? (9:20)
  • Wearables: a vitamin or pain pill? (10:55)
  • The privacy factor (12:00)
  • Resources for implementing wearables (16:15)

Tips of the week (18:25):


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