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These 3 trends are changing BSM – is your organization keeping pace?


gerben verstraete.jpgBy Gerben Verstraete


Gerben Verstraete works in the CTO office of HP Software Professional Services, focusing on BSM and the transformation of IT operations.


It’s not news to anyone in IT that your ability to develop and deploy applications is a key part of business competitiveness. But organizations’ ability to monitor their composite applications is not keeping pace. Even large established IT organizations still struggle with maturity. When I meet with HP’s BSM customers, I’m still seeing that struggle for visibility and control.


I continue to meet customer who have a multitude of different management tools (100+ is not an exception), each with its own instrumentation for a particular technology domain. In environments like this, IT is very reactive. It’s the bottleneck and it has a serious detrimental effect on service levels and time to market. Business demands for agility require IT Operations to become predictive.


Predictive service operations helps companies anticipate infrastructure and application demands—and resolve IT problems—before they occur. Corporations at this maturity level continually monitor the IT environment, within the context of application and business services, for availability and performance and align the IT infrastructure with business imperatives. Predictive operations management is a holistic, service centric approach to help achieve entirely new levels of IT availability, reliability and performance, while finding the most cost-effective opportunities for long term value attainment.


The 3 trends behind managed application monitoring

In my work with HP Software Professional Services, I’m focused on helping customers stop being the bottleneck. It can happen. In the operations space, we’re seeing a shift in how leading organizations are choosing to manage and monitor their business services. Because the business stakes are so high, many enterprises are now looking to a managed service solution for some of their critical business applications.


What trends are contributing to this? We’re seeing three major factors:

  • Cloud has made more organizations open to a pay-as-you-go model. The shift from CAPEX to OPEX makes this very attractive.
  • The ability to consume application monitoring as a service lets you lock in SLAs.
  • Financial transparency and determining what the IT spend is per application is something IT still struggles to provide. Consuming application monitoring as a managed service lets the business user understand the cost on an application basis.


At HPSW Professional Services we’ve started to offer managed application monitoring in response to these trends. Our Managed Enterprise Monitoring (MEM) solution is designed to save organizations money while they improve the quality of their application monitoring.


Avoiding costly downtime

A solution like MEM makes sense when you’ve got complex, composite applications across hybrid environments.


Take an application designed to provision cell phone service. Behind that service might be 40 to 50 different applications. Each application and infrastructure team manages individual components, so IT has a hard time seeing the whole of provided service, unsure where bottlenecks happen and not able to resolve issues quickly when they arise, never mind being able to address them before they happen.


Turning BSM to your advantage is one of my focus areas in Professional Services. I’ll be presenting a session at HP Discover (“Realize double-digit savings on business service management environments”). If you can’t make it to Barcelona, I hope you’ll come to the webinar I’m presenting on the same topic. I also invite you to follow me on Twitter for more on managing your business service environment.


Gerben Verstraete works in the CTO Office with HP Software Professional Services, a role which includes defining implementation strategies for global Fortune 500 customers. Mr. Verstraete is also responsible for the go-to-market services strategies for HP’s Software services & solution portfolio inclusive of Data Center Transformation and in particular the transformation of IT Operations. He regularly leads critical client engagements acting in CIO and VP/IT strategic advisory roles.


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