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Thinking like a bad guy for better enterprise security


Last week I was able to attend HP Protect in Washington D.C.  The event is HP's yearly premier event for security professionals.  This year's theme was, "For better security, think like a bad guy."  Take a look at two of the videos recorded at the event with Brian Krebs (@briankrebs), author and founder of, and Art Gilliland, SVP and GM of HP’s Enterprise Security Products.  Each have advice for security and business leaders alike to provide better security.


I have to admit I'm a bit of a Brian Krebs groupie.  I think he is one of the best storytellers I've ever followed and his story (of how he got started in the security industry) is incredible!  If you aren't familiar, you should read this article.


As part of our weekly video series, Discover Performance Weekly, we were able to talk to Brian about trends, hot topics and his advice for business leaders in today's ever-growing risk environment.


In this video, Brian really speaks to the CISO and the boardroom.  His practical advice, based on real-life experience, is fascinating. Take a look and let us know what you think. 


Here's a sample of what Brian talked about:

- Trends in information security (0:50)
- Breach fatigue (1:50)
- “Security” in the boardroom (3:20)
- Asking the uncomfortable questions for better security (5:00)
- The role of the CISO (7:00)
- CISO communication and breach response (8:00)
- Perception reality (8:45)
- Strategy on consumer security (9:30)
- Backlash of Krebs reporting (12:10)
- 3 questions for executives to ask their security team (15:00)
- Security, development and operations teams collaborating (14:30)



Art G on DPW.PNGSecondly, we were able to sit down with Art Gilliland, SVP and GM of HP's Enterprise Security Products, to discuss the advantages of thinking like a bad guy.  Art explained how thinking like a bad guy can help organizations build better defenses and get on top of cybercrime. 


Art covers topics like:

- Advantages of thinking like a bad guy (0:45)
- Case study of Max Butler who stole $90 million (1:20)
- Competitive nature of the motivated security criminal (2:40)
- How is the adversary changing? (4:40)
- Technology exploits from the experts (7:05)
- What should business leaders prioritize to protect the business (8:45)
- Security jobs in high demand (10:45)


Both episodes have great tips of the week from our host and guests so be sure to watch for our tip of the week section of the video. 


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