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To tap the cloud’s full potential, you need a framework



Louise Ng has more than 25 years in multiple IT positions across a variety of industries. As CTO, Cloud & Automation at HP Software Professional Services, she specializes in leading large-scale projects that deliver quality services through process optimization.


Cloud causes an organization to transform the way they it uses IT services via a new operating model. This transformation must be communicated with a top/down and bottom/up strategy. Communication styles vary, but my experience has shown that the more the “branding” and internal marketing of such a change, the more gravity there is in human nature to accept that change is coming and that the impact of the change is clear and can be rationalized—good or bad. 


As we started delivering on cloud projects in HP software Professional Services, we saw that we needed to create a management of change (MoC) service that is specific for cloud to address such key issues as:


  • A shift to a service-oriented mindset that requires a different set of skills and approach to IT clients
  • Role changes and demand for new skills
  • Behavior changes
  • Staff realignment and skills redistribution
  • Organizational restructuring, change of status, changing relationships—all of which can give rise to an “us versus vs. them” attitude
  • New business and operational processes


MoC provides a framework for successful cloud service delivery

To smooth the path to a successful transition and realize business benefits from the new systems and technology, people need to be guided step by step using a framework. That framework is MoC, which can help you address fears, answer questions, provide training if necessary, communicate the expected impact and identify possible risks. Done right, MoC provides easy-to-use tools and practical guidelines to manage organizational change.


Business results come from positive changes in work behaviour, which in turn come from anticipating risks and managing the conditions that will cause failure as part of the project.


An overall enablement strategy is a critical success factor to provide insurance that the workforce will adopt the new and transition into the expected future state.


To learn more about MoC, download the e-book “Leadership: CIO challenges for 2013 & beyond” (PDF, registration required).


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