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Want sustainable advantage from mobility? Use these 3 principles for mobile success


dpblogpromo.jpgWhen taken strategically, mobility is the best opportunity to dramatically modernize services and to open new channels. But organizations that are simply rushing to move fast with mobility without addressing potential pitfalls are open to these vulnerabilities:


  • Security: Mobile applications, and the web services that power them, create another avenue for attackers to penetrate your network.
  • Intellectual property: If you’re contracting with a third-party design shop, what are you giving them? Mobility service plans? Encryption methodologies? Customer data access?  What happens when that shop is later hired by a competitor?
  • Silos: Mobile can create another IT silo with a separate set of tools, processes and workflows.

To capture sustainable advantage from mobility, organizations need to think about it end-to-end. Mobility is much more than just the mobile app. Organizations need to take a more holistic approach to mobility, one that includes:

  • The app itself (which should include the security strengths of the application as well as security for application data on the device, in-flight and at the back end)
  • Integration with secure back-end systems
  • Security for the platform
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • The creation of corporate app catalogs for employees and provisions for application availability for citizens and customers


3 principles for mobile success

HP advises IT leaders to follow three principles to chart a course for successful mobile services:


  • Connect: Prioritize your opportunities. Decide which mobile services to tackle first and identify those that will bring the greatest benefit.
  • Converge: Mobility requires increased velocity from IT. Leverage the parallel development approaches pioneered by Agile and apply them to mobile development.
  • Control: Ensure security within the application during development (it’s much less costly to catch problems there), along with securely managing the device and integration levels. Mobile security must reflect the extended enterprise and be ever-evolving and pragmatic, given the realities of today’s mobile devices and platforms.

This post is adapted from a longer article that appeared in the Discover Performance newsletter. Sign up today to receive more actionable insight that can help you turn IT performance into business success.


To learn more about HP’s solutions for enterprise mobility, visit For questions about mobile application security, visit HP Enterprise Security.

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