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Welcome to the new pan-HPE, Digital Transformation blog


Digital transformation has already affected, is affecting or will affect all industries and areas of government.

Digital transformation is driven by new technologies like the internet of things, continuous application delivery and machine learning. But unlike most other IT-related transformations, it affects business strongly - it can build new businesses, or destroy existing ones.

And while digital transformation solutions differ by industry, one industry can learn from another. For example, car manufacturers are very interested in the latest advances in high-end retail.

Blog Content
The blog will cover news and insights regarding digital transformation. We will create a regular “what’s in the news” summary so that you can track what others are doing. We’ll create special “what’s in the news” posts on a per industry basis too - we get a lot of requests for this.

We will also cover the technologies that enable digital transformation like continuous application delivery, data analytics and cognitive systems including machine learning.

And because digital transformation is highly business-affecting, we’ll talk about what the business needs to do too.

Who is the blog for?
Ten years ago, all applications and data analytics were either purchased by, or created by, Enterprise IT. This has changed. HPE’s own research found that 74% of digital transformation projects were controlled by either the CDO’s IT or business IT.

This doesn’t mean that Enterprise IT is not involved in digital transformation, but certainly the old models that they are used to have changed.

And so, this blog will help Enterprise IT, CDO IT, business IT and those business people like product managers, who are affected by digital transformation.

Once again, welcome to the HPE Digital Transformation blog.

Mike Shaw
Director Strategic Marketing

linkedin.gifMike Shaw

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About the Author


Mike has been with HPE for 30 years. Half of that time was in research and development, mainly as an architect. The other 15 years has been spent in product management, product marketing, and now, strategic marketing. .

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