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What it takes to adopt a converged cloud


Paul Muller_Michael Garrett.pngBack in June, HP Software Chief Evangelist Paul Muller had the opportunity to talk cloud with Michael Garrett, worldwide VP of professional services for HP Software. The two, who were in Las Vegas for HP Discover, discuss a hot topic at the conference: converged cloud.


Paul begins by posing the question: What does it take to adopt a converged cloud in your environment? The answer is two-part. First, you need to understand how to deploy a private cloud, and second, you need to address the issues that underlie a sprawled multi-supplier, multi-service environment.


Adopt private cloud fast with Cloud Maps


Private cloud deployment used to be a cumbersome endeavor. Today, customers are looking for flexible options and rapid deployment. One way to get up and running fast is with HP Cloud Maps. Cloud Maps are prebuilt modules that allow customers to deploy a private cloud and build connections to different independent software vendors quickly. Time to implement decreases drastically with Cloud Maps—according to Michael Garrett, what once took 200 hours can now be completed in about an hour.


Combat supplier sprawl with SIAM


The next question is how do you integrate multiple suppliers in your converged cloud environment? Because businesses can choose to get their IT services from anywhere, many end up with a different supplier for every operation. This creates a big problem for IT when eventually “supplier sprawl” takes over. To combat this complexity, HP offers Service Integration and Management (SIAM), which provides consistent control, management and SLAs across all service providers.


Watch the video below to get all the details on HP Converged Cloud, including Cloud Maps for rapidly deploying private cloud environments and SIAM for helping manage and control all services and providers. Let us know how your organization is heading to the cloud.








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