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Where security meets the Internet of Things



The IoT offers life-changing solutions, from charting medical records to running our houses remotely. But, with greater connectivity comes greater potential for vulnerabilities. From healthcare to home, how do we keep our lives and businesses secure?

The following articles offer insights into reducing the risks and therefore making the IoT more effective and better protected.

9 ways to make IoT devices more secure

Devices must be more secure if IoT is to reach its full potential. The good news is that security policies and procedures can protect enterprise infrastructure, harden IoT configurations, and make the network smarter and more defensible. Here's where to start.

Pain Points: What’s coming in healthcare IT in 2017

Here's what the year has in store: gushing data flows, continuing work on EHR interoperability, and cybersecurity pirates thicker than ever. In other words, gird your loins for more of the same healthcare IT!

IoT Security: 8 lessons learned from the Mirai botnet

Botnets are a major threat, and require a combination of methods to defend against massive traffic volumes. Experts recommend a combination of steps to guard against attacks.


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