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Why Gartner thinks DevOps might be the answer to IT complexity


This just came in from the Discover Performance newsletter, and we wanted to share it with blog readers Gartner has some interesting data on DevOps and how it can help solve the problem of IT complexity.


IT organizations are in a bind, and it’s one they created themselves. Years of attempts at simplification have had the opposite and unintended effect of creating complex processes and tools that mire IT and applications organizations today. In many organizations, that complexity has two unfortunate results: intra-organizational conflict, and poor IT service delivery. Ops organizations say apps leaves them out of important decisions, but forces those decisions—such as service levels—on them anyway. Apps’ view of the operations team is similarly strained.


Something has to give, and it won’t be the pressures that created these conditions in the first place. The general macroeconomic conditions that set these wheels in motion—the need to do more with less, and to do it ever faster and better—are here to stay. The question now is how to address these problems.


At the recent Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, attendees answered questions about the state of IT, and their responses pointed to DevOps as one way IT organizations can get out of this bind. In fact, many organizations are already experimenting with it.


Some interesting findings:


  • More than half said their environments were very complex.
  • More than half said the relationship between apps and ops is un-collaborative or very un-collaborative.
  • A significant number of organizations said they are in some phase of experimenting with DevOps.
  • Almost one-quarter of the respondents said they are actually implementing DevOps even though there is no "recipe" to follow.
  • The thing holding back about half of organizations from DevOps is resistance to change from people or culture.


The responses also provide some clues as to how best to approach a program centered around DevOps, including first steps, necessary baselines to establish, metrics, incentives, how apps and ops should collaborate using technology, tools, and common sense. To read the results of the survey and Gartner’s analysis, check out “The Rise of DevOps,” and also Discover Performance’s recent interviews with DevOps leaders Damon Edwards and Gene Kim.

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Alec Wagner is a longtime writer & editor, enterprise IT insider, and (generally) fearless digital nomad.

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