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You have to read this: Discover Performance bloggers pick their top book recommendations


16C.Heather-Tendo Communications SF-STOLL 2012.jpgOne thing I’m looking forward to over the holidays is finally catching up on some reading. To fill out my reading list I asked some of our Discover Performance bloggers what books they’re reading that they would recommend to IT leaders. Here are the results. It’s a wide-ranging list, but if we’ve left out any books you consider must-reads, please let us know in the comments.  


Daniel Dorr

Daniel leads HP's CIO Agenda workshop program. He is responsible for conducting workshops to help CIO clients prioritize key business initiatives, the technology to address those problems and the financial impact of doing so. Read more of his blog posts.


My focus for the last year has really been on helping CIOs understand their business peers. To that end, I’ve been reading books like:


Paul Muller

Paul leads the global IT management evangelist team within the Software business at HP. Follow him on Twitter @xthestreams, check out his blog, or watch his Cross the Streams videos on YouTube.


For the Agilistas and DevOps!


For the big thinkers!


For the big data crowd!


For fun!


David Wheable

David is the Global Lead of HP’s Service Management Profession, blogging about ITSM, ITIL and other topics. Follow him on Twitter @DavidAtHP or visit his HP Software Professional Services page.


Two good books discussing why we can't control as much as we think we can:


I’d also recomment this book on the "physics of society," looking at how we make decisions and how aggregate behaviour can be either constructive or destructive:


Joshua Brusse

Joshua is Chief Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software Professional Services. He writes frequently about leadership, management of organizational change, cloud, and IT Service Management. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaBrusse, read more of his blog posts and visit his HP Software Professional Services page.


I would add many but the list would go on too long …so I limited it to:


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