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HP Discover insights from 3 industry experts

DiscoverInsider on ‎06-26-2013 06:00 AM

Most people come to HP Discover seeking knowledge. Sure, there’s the networking, the entertainment, and the food. But for the most part, people have questions they need answered.


To understand what attendees were looking for at HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas, we sat down with three industry bloggers to discuss the solutions, products, and IT challenges and opportunities they were exploring.


The HP Ecosystem

The era of IT convergence is upon us—that’s what HP’s Converged Infrastructure story is all about. CIOs and IT practitioners must understand their systems as a whole, making the process of evaluating and evolving their IT infrastructure much more complicated.



As a CIO strategic advisor and industry blogger, Tim Crawford needs to understand HP's bigger IT picture, which was one of his goals in attending HP Discover.


“CIOs aren’t buying point solutions anymore—they’re looking at ecosystems,” says Crawford. “This is not really new. We just haven’t thought about it in this way before. These days, you have to look at an IT ecosystem going beyond the bounds of the company. That provides a more compelling story.”


HP Discover provides an opportunity to not only see all of HP’s primary product lines, solutions, and services represented in one space, but also how they all fit together.


The opening keynote presented by Meg Whitman outlined how enterprises today demand a new foundation of infrastructure, devices, software and services that can support greater agility and increased accessibility at a lower cost. To address this need, HP has invested heavily in developing technologies around cloud, converged infrastructure, and the software-defined data center.


Attendees could explore how these technologies fit into the bigger picture in the many breakout sessions, of which select replays are available.


The big industry issues: cloud, Big Data, and so on

Whether they want to or not, enterprises are now facing the impact of cloud, Big Data, mobility, and convergence. Much of HP Discover’s content is organized around these trends to make it easier for attendees to focus on their primary concerns.



Edward Haletky, principle analyst, CEO, and president of The Virtualization Practice, came to Discover to explore Big Data and privacy, one of the biggest industry issues he’s dealing with currently on behalf of clients and his blogging audience. 


“With the emergence of Big Data, the definition of personally identifiable information is no longer clear,” says Haletky. “Correlating multiple data streams creates more identifiable data, even if much of that data is provided by individuals knowingly. But when you start putting it together, the privacy picture changes.”


Haletky sees this as a business opportunity, though not just in the sense that enterprises can capitalize on more available customer data. A privacy backlash has already begun to materialize, even though privacy responsibility lies with both organizations and with individuals. Striking a balance between the two is where Haletky sees opportunity. New tools, services, and operational practices will be required to address privacy concerns while also exploiting the business value of all that data.


Newfangled hardware

HP has never abandoned its roots as a hardware company, which is likely obvious to Discover attendees. Between the hardware on display in the Discover Zone, the press announcements (particularly storage), and product-focuses breakout sessions, attendees can see, touch, and explore the range of HP products available.



Chris Nakagaki, a virtualization architect at Cox Communications, came to Discover looking to answer some hardware-based questions. Though, as noted earlier, no individual product or solution stands alone. Nakagaki was looking into how HP hardware fits with other solutions and integrates with existing systems.


“We’re working on an IaaS initiative, so one of the things we’re looking into is standardizing our foundational hardware layer,” says Nakagaki. “We’re looking at something that could be completely software managed from a holistic perspective.”


Other hardware aspects Nakagaki mentioned included the universal challenges of scalability and integrating or evolving legacy equipment and processes, both issues that were addressed in multiple breakout sessions or that could be explored through conversations on the show floor.


Read insights from our three featured industry experts on their respective blogs:




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