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How robots and drones help bring HP Discover to life

DiscoverInsider on ‎01-23-2014 03:50 PM

HP Discover is quite an event to behold. The sheer magnitude of the showroom floor and the interactive demos and track keynotes are something everyone should experience firsthand. And with the backdrop of Barcelona, the 2014 show was especially well attended.


Planning for the next Discover has already begun and while the events team works tirelessly to make HP Discover the experience that it is, there is another team at HP who is thinking about those who aren’t able to travel to the event but still want to be a part of the fun.


Thierry Combes has a vision that makes it possible for anyone in the world to attend HP Discover without the need to book a flight or pack a bag. For those who can’t get away from their job or family for a few days, there is another way to attend the opening keynote session from the front row. Combes’ vision gives everyone the opportunity to roam around the Discover Zone and hang out in the blogger lounge.


Those who attended HP Discover Barcelona undoubtedly noticed the futuristic unicycles whizzing by the showroom floor with HP Discover logos displayed on the back. These “Solowheels” are one tool Combes’ team uses to bring the360 robot.JPG HP 360° project to life.


We tracked Combes down on the final day of the conference as he chatted with one of his “robots.” As a senior manager in HP’s Global Marketing division, Combes has high hopes for a new way of attending HP Discover.


“My vision is to bring the HP experience to more customers than those who can physically come. I want this to be more than a website, I want people to have the magical feeling of being here.”


Combes began filming at HP Discover Las Vegas 2013 using cameras similar to those Google used for “Street View.” Combes’ team uses the Solowheels to quickly and smoothly navigate and map out the show floor. They collect footage of each area of the massive HP Discover event, giving those at home the feeling and visual experience of truly being there. Additionally, a camera drone provides an aerial view of what’s happening at the event.

360 drone 2.JPG

Attending HP Discover remotely with HP 360°

Combes is exploring the best method for remote users to attend HP Discover live. He wants everyone who partakes in this journey to have the experience of actually being at Discover. Currently he is using “robots” which can be controlled remotely and have the ability to roam around giving the user a visual in addition to the ability to communicate with event attendees. Using this technology, a user in Palo Alto can navigate their robot through the conference hallways, attend track keynotes, chat with HP Experts in the Discover Zone or simply hang out in the blogger lounge chatting with other attendees. Combes hopes that remote attendees will eventually be able to register for HP Discover and experience the event as if they were physically there.robots.JPG


In Barcelona, a select few were invited to test out the technology. The robots feature a screen that displays the user’s face, along with a speaker, microphone, and camera, allowing the user to visually navigate and communicate in real time with anyone nearby. The robot can move about, chat with event attendees, and join sessions.


Navigating the site

The HP 360° site features several ways to experience HP Discover. One option allows users to navigate the event using a map and selecting the area that interests them. By clicking a specific area on the map users are shown video footage of the area and experience including demonstrations and show exhibits. A pull down menu is also available for quick navigation.





360 map.JPG


One of the features on the HP 360° site allows the user to click on an

area of interest on the map and instantly experience the 360° video.


Another interactive feature allows a user to deeplink, a direct link that takes you to a specific moment, in any of the HP 360° videos and share it with friends and colleagues. By clicking the “share” button while watching a video, the moment is captured and shared socially or via email. For example, if you want to share the “Earth Insights” green wall that was on the show floor, simply click here.


Combes is eager to see his vision become a reality. With each event, the HP 360° project gets better and more interactive. Combes believes that with proactive thinking, the HP 360° project will continue to delight HP customers and eventually result in a new way of attending an HP event.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the HP 360° site, take a moment to visit and enjoy an exclusive tour of HP Discover Barcelona.


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