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2 Drives Failed in a 5 +1 array

Occasional Contributor

2 Drives Failed in a 5 +1 array

Just a quick one to make sure I am getting this right. We have 2 drives marked as failed on a DL380 G5 - 6 drives 5 + 1. One of the online drives has failed along with the spare. I doubt at the same time.
I am going to replace the online, leave to build and when complete, replace the spare.
Is this correct? I havent had 2 drives fail at once. Can I swap the online drive and then the swap at the same time, or should I wait.

Thank you for any help!
Honored Contributor

Re: 2 Drives Failed in a 5 +1 array


it should'nt really matter , once your rebuild has started adding the spare should not interfere with it