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6400 Array Controller Expansion and NetWare CPQONLIN.NLM

Leonard Holling
Occasional Advisor

6400 Array Controller Expansion and NetWare CPQONLIN.NLM

Hi There

We have an ongoing problem since v2.77 of CPQONLIN.NLM. All of the versions since then including the latest (v2.84) do not allow you to add a RAID 5 logical drive to an existing SCSI Array.

The only options that are available are
RAID 1+0

Being as the RAID was setup say with two existing RAID 5 logical drives you would think that this would be an option but...

The SMART Array 6400 controller has a 2.68a ROM on it.

Our solution to date is to just use the 2.77 version to do this type of array expansion but we would prefer the functionality return to the program.