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A5856A RAID 4si PCI Card and rp7410

Robert Dukes_1
Occasional Contributor

A5856A RAID 4si PCI Card and rp7410


Ive got a rp7410 connected to 4 x DS2300's in Split Bus Mode via two A5856A RAID Cards. The problem I am having is that 'irm' wont let me create more than 8 logical drives per RAID Card, Is this a limitation? Is there anyway of getting around this? Any help is much appreciated.

Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: A5856A RAID 4si PCI Card and rp7410


Here's the features (and restrictions) list for the RAID4si:

â ¢ Four external channels using 68-pin Ultra High Density connectors.
â ¢ Up to 15 disks per channel.
â ¢ Up to eight logical drives (logical volumes).
â ¢ Up to eight physical drives per logical drive.
â ¢ Boot from external disks (HP-UX 11.0 only; available for 11i
beginning June 2001).
â ¢ One DIMM socket for 66 MHz, 64-bit, unbuffered ECC SDRAM, with
32 MB cache.
â ¢ On-board battery backup for cache memory (provides 72 hours of data
â ¢ Automatic rebuild of Hot Spares.
â ¢ Hot swapping of drives (not necessary to bring system down to
replace failed drives).
â ¢ SCSI cable lengths up to 12 meters with LVD.
â ¢ RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 1+0, 3+0, and
Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: A5856A RAID 4si PCI Card and rp7410


not sure what happened above... , here is the rest:

Features Not Supported
- Multi-Initiator (connecting more than one controller to a single
- Connectivity to internal disks.

So you have to make a config with max 8 LUNs